back to article Verizon eyes future iPhones

Don't expect the largest mobile telecom carrier in the US to add the iPhone to its stable of smartphones - at least until the next generation of wireless-broadband technology comes of age. Verizon's chairman and chief executive Ivan Seidenberg has told The Wall Street Journal it's unlikely that Apple would ever build an iPhone …


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  1. R Cox

    Why Verizon

    I do not see Apple and Verizon meeting in the middle on this. Verizon does what it does very well, and is successful. Verizon seems to be holding it's own against the iPhone, which, despite what we say, is not the Jusus Phone. There are many phones out there that do as good as a job, and Verizon sells a lot of them. What I do see happening, and what ATT should be worried about, is the eventual $149 iPhone sold by Boost and Cricket or even T-Mobile. I know users of these services that were up marketed to ATT by the iPhone. If they can go back to these other firms, I believe they would. I use the 3G networks of these other carriers, and they are suitably fast.

  2. Phil Koenig

    You've got that bundling trend wrong

    Actually the trend is AWAY from bundling hardware and services - Verizon announced this at least a year ago.

    When everyone's network is running some variant of GSM or LTE, holding customers hostage on a network that is technically perfectly compatible with everyone else's is going to be a failed strategy - customers have wised-up to that game now.

    Verizon is simply being pragmatic by moving to LTE - they are the last, largest CDMA carrier and the lack of device choice (HW vendors are loathe to commit resources to a technology that has ever-decreasing marketshare) has already had a substantial negative impact on Verizon. Best to just chin up, join the opposition and then tout your new-found religion of "open networks!!"...

  3. Giles Jones Gold badge

    3G is perfectly fast

    It's fast for mobile devices. The biggest issue is not speed it is coverage. I get decent 3G connectivity only when i'm in a city or town centre.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Horns


    why the hell would you want an iPhone!!!??

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