back to article Swedish woman charged over 'stun gun castration attempt'

A Swedish man allegedly narrowly escaped castration by his former girlfriend, after he dodged the enraged ex's opening shot from an electric stun gun. The reports that the man had met with his ex to arrange the retrieval of some of his belongings. When he arrived though, he quickly realised the 26 year old woman from …


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  1. dervheid

    Voluntary genetic dead-end.

    "whether they've inadvertently qualified themselves for Darwin awards by removing themselves from the gene pool remains to be seen."

    We can only hope this is the case.

  2. Will Payne



  3. Wun Hung Lo

    May I be the first to say...

    ...that castrating someone with a stun gun sounds like a load of bollocks.

    OK, I'm going, don't push.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I wonder if she'll get a year in jail and a $3.8M fine?

    After all, it sounds a lot more serious than assisting copyright infringement.

  5. TeeCee Gold badge

    Yes, but.

    "....a prompt backwards lunge saved the man from a painful volting....''

    Did he land badly? i.e. was that a painful vaulting?

  6. Anonymous Coward

    So the lady is short of a date?

    Anyone got her phone number and I'll see if she wants to go out

  7. Eddy Ito

    That's it!

    If these kind of stories continue, we shall certainly need a new icon. A 'Jolly Todger' perhaps.

  8. Sordid Details

    Castrating with a stun gun?

    Maybe not directly, but if the stun gun renders the target unconscious or at least immobile, then it gives the dear lady plenty of time to fetch a knife from the kitchen and do as she will.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    IT Angle

    I have to ask...

    I mean, there is one; isn't there? Maybe its the ESD?

  10. Nicholas Ettel

    Lunge, feint, flick, riposte, retreat

    "However, a prompt backwards lunge saved the man from a painful volting."

    The lunge is distinctly a forward movement, the retreat is a backwards movement.

    Please see for proper fencing terminology.

    And if you don't believe me that fencing terms are appropriate, then answer me what terms are more appropriate when battling for or with your sabre/Épée/foil/penis.

    Mine's in my coat pocket ready for the next duel.

  11. Poopie McStinklestein

    Just don't look up


    You know there are things that you wish you could un-see?

    Don't search for it. Just don't.

  12. Ken Hagan Gold badge

    Those YouTube vids

    So let me get this straight. News story (unverified) talks about a somewhat implausible, possibly excruciatingly painful, method of self-harm and within a few hours there is enough volunteered video material on the net to fill maybe a half-hour slot on a late-night cable channel? Let's hope there are no TV execs reading this.

    On the other hand, if you folks at El Reg are ever feeling mischievous, you now know that you simply have to write down your perverted fantasy (dressed up as a news story) and someone will act it out for you and post the video. Incredible!

    Truly the aliens have landed and they are us.

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