back to article Pirate Bay co-founder claims 'we lost'

The Pirate Bay has lost the trial against the entertainment industry according to co-founder Peter Sunde, who cites a “trustworthy source”. Sunde, also known as BrokeP, said he was given “leaked information” last night. The verdict is expected within the next hour, however, so we'll soon see just how "trustworthy" his source …


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  1. Shaun
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    Ah shame

    But expected, really

  2. Jamie

    Did you expect less

    Come on, you had to know that they would be found guilty.

    It is the way the world works.

    Just like all those that were tortured in Gitmo will get nothing, and those that allowed and authorized the torture will walk with total immunity.

  3. Edward Miles


    So, can someone with knowlege of the Swedish legal system tell me how many times they/the IFPP can appeal? How many months/years is it gonna take for a final verdict, is what I'm really after :)

  4. Anonymous Coward
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    They're tedious as hell

    I'm a bit sick of these twats now. I'm not averse to a bit of torrenting but their portrayal of themselves as "champions of the people" and their unswerving (and frankly ludicrous) belief that everything should be free is a load of old shit. It's only because the law moves so slowly, and technology so quickly, that they haven't been successfully prosecuted yet. And their apparently neo-nazi backers are another reason to hope that they get what's coming to them.

    It's one thing to run a torrent site quietly, its another to hoist yourself up onto a pedestal as some sort of self-proclaimed Robin Hood figure. I hope they throw the book at them, frankly.

  5. Ginger


    This feels to me like FUD on the part of TPB.

    Two scenarios here:

    1. The prediction is right, and they can claim it was pre-judged, a sham trial etc. Loads of publicity and potentially a mistrial

    2. The prediction is wrong, they're innocent - who cares?

    Smart, if slightly underhand move by TPB

  6. Anonymous Coward

    Oh well. They had a good run.

    I never used TPB and there's millions of other trackers, one will just take its place.

  7. Anonymous Coward

    Is this even legal?

    If it's proved that he had access to the actual verdict before it was publically released then surely this means that the trial judge and/or jury if applicable have been discussing the trial with people outside.

    If so, then surely that's grounds for a mistrial?

  8. Shonko Kid
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    To be fair..

    I think they shot themselves in the foot, calling the site 'Pirate Bay'.

  9. Anonymous Coward

    haha. EXACTLY the verdict

    Like some pople have said. As this shows the trial has been discussed out of time. This should be retrialled now.

    I hope they push for this!

  10. Jason Bloomberg Silver badge

    Re "Mistrial"

    I wouldn't have thought so.

    Assuming the verdict was decided then leaked, there may have been some offence committed by someone but I don't see how that would change the facts of the case nor the verdict. I wouldn't expect any mistrial appeal to be successful on those grounds.

    Plus, there is no evidence of a "leak" nor that such a leak is as it is being presented. Even if it were someone passing information pre-verdict along the lines of, "the jury seem to be leaning this way", how could that have influenced the actual verdict ?

    Mistrial could only come about from influence upon the jury in coming to their verdict. There is no evidence of that.

  11. Nuno Silva

    There was a leak

    One of the attorneys for the acusation said right after the veredict was anounced that it was "very well written and the veredict would stick up to the supreme court".

    EVERYBODY knew!

    Just another circus... Move along.

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