back to article Carphone Warehouse blocks union website

Carphone Warehouse employees at the Irlam site were unable to get to their union website yesterday, as found itself on the list of unapproved sites for publishing information about forthcoming shift changes. Only workers at the Irlam site were denied access to the site - the rest of the company could …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    And then there were the meetings...

    ... with our managers on the floor of another CPW call centre, point by point denying the statements made by the Union and reassuring us we are all valuable and delicate little flowers whose opinions are considered highly valued contributions ... but nothing in writing, naturally.

    Mine's the one with the redrafted CV and a copy of the jobs paper in the pocket.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    More carphone crap

    Is anyone surprised by this, the company is a joke,

    they have cut all employee benefits because of the recession,

    i think its just an ongoing excuse to make more money with minimal spending.

  3. Steve

    El Reg blocked by PC World

    I had some friends who used to work in the PCW call centre in Sheffield who told me that the Register was blocked because management were worried about what staff might read on here.

  4. Cortland Richmond

    IT Dep't Emerges From Comma?

    Or is it ":Misteaks were made?"

  5. Christoph

    "inaccurate information"

    The union is only allowed to publish information that the company has agreed is accurate?

    The company can cut its workers off from their own union's site if that union says something the company doesn't like?

    Now we know where Bush went after he left the presidency.

  6. Matthew Collier


    The company can block whatever websites it likes, from, *it's* company computers. Nothing new here, is there? I am surprised, more companies, don't block more of the web than they do, TBH!

    Anyway, if I were thier employee, I'd probably not want them to know I was visiting sites such as that, and "mark my card" as one of them there "trouble makers"! ;) I'd do it from home....(presumably, along with surfing jobsites, and "CPW-are-crap forums" etc. ;) )


  7. Anonymous Coward

    Spelling Mistake?

    Possibly not a simple transposition error?

    Craphone warehouse

  8. jake Silver badge

    Who cares?

    Unions are anachronistic.

    Don't believe me, Union Card holder? Take this simple test:

    What do you drive? What does your Union Boss drive? What does Management drive?


  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @ Matthew Collier

    The issue is not that the company is blocking websites, no one is complaining about that. The issue is that the ONE SINGLE website that was blocked was one set up by the Union to provide information and advise to CPW staff.

    The company is in the middle of using made up information to introduce major changes to shifts. They are providing no information and they are going through a "Consultation Period" which involves them avoiding answering the questions asked and going through the motions. They are blocking all access to information and using very underhand tactics to try keep the staff in the dark.

    A simple shift change really should have made it into The Register, but the way the management have treated the staff and the lies they are telling have caused this shit to happen.

    @ Anon ^^ Its actually Carphone Whorehouse.

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