back to article Google money machine records Q1 choking sound

The recession has finally gummed-up the dial on Google's top secret money machine even though the search firm is still doing better than most other advertising-dependent companies. Google's first-quarter earnings showed the slowest revenue growth year-over-year since the company went public in 2004 - but it was growth none-the …


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  1. Neil

    What hope is there?

    When a company makes about $1.5bn profit in 3 months and is still laying off staff because it's not making enough.

  2. Robert Grant Silver badge

    "Going forward"

    The least useful phrase in business, an industry devoted to using unnecessary phrases.

  3. Daniel

    "Mountain-View chocolate factory"

    I think you must those words tied to a keyboards shortcut, or something.

    We need a new metaphore. "The Shoreline Golf Course Pro Celebretes" perhaps, or "Amphitheatre Parkway Gladiators". Anything. It'd doesn't matter how silly: just don't persist with this, please. We get the joke, okay? Now please stop telling it.

    It's like being the only website on the planet that insists on calling Microsoft the 'Vole'.

  4. Nicholas Ettel


    I have to agree. The "chocolate factory" joke has more than run its course; it has long since become annoying. I suggest tasking Ms. Bee with finding a new punny term - she seems to be quite adept at sarcasm and innuendo.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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