back to article Fasthosts' market leadership claims banned

Fasthosts has been banned from claiming it is the "UK's Number one web host" in adverts, after a rival complained it was used flawed data and exaggerated graphs to mislead potential customers. The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) upheld three complaints against the Gloucester-based firm last week, because it found its …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
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    Worst Hosting Company Ever

    Fasthosts deserve whatever they get. They're utter crooks... sooner or later they will be taken down by legal action

  2. jack

    Market Leaders for sure but what type of market?

    Yes, Fasthosts are market leaders. We are a voluntary human rights organisation who found that by their terms and conditions the service we needed they were not willing to provide. We stopped payment for renewal and notified them, admittedly the day after renewal date that we wanted to cancel the service. We were told that they wanted the full annual renewal before they could close the service we didn't want and they did not want to provide. We asked for a cancellation fee. We were told there is no cancellation fee. We asked why we had not received a renewal notice, they said it was their terms and conditions that no renewal notice is issued and the contract "renews automatically" therefore we have to pay the full annual fee. We took the terms and conditions to an expert who said "A brilliant piece of commercial writing but if you are a customer, well let's say you don't have a leg to stand on." So, yes they are market leaders without a shadow of a doubt and now, a voluntary human rights organisations is having to pay a full annual price to cancel a service we can't use, don't want and they can't supply. Don't get me started on "Unlimited bandwidth" how an organisation can plan its future when unlimited bandwidth turns out to be ' just as much as we think is reasonable but we wont tell you exactly when we will pull the plug' I haven't a clue. Our experience with them, dreadful.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Concur with the first poster, these guys are CROOKS.

    The amount of people they have fleeced for simple things like a pop3 mailbox or a 10mb web account is shameful.

  4. Phil Cooke


    Fasthosts and their various companies are nothing but a bunch of crooks, just do a trawl of various webhosting forums to find this out. Buyer beware :(

    This judgement couldn't happen to a nastier company.

  5. Michael McLean


    I had the displeasure of being with the for 4 days, technical support is crap, features are crap, as people before me have said DO NOT USE THEM!!!!

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    So, the concensus among Reg readers... that they may not, in fact, provide the best service, customer support, and pricing in the industry? ;)

  7. DodgyLurgy

    Am I the only one......

    .......Who hasn't had a problem with them?

    My site, albeit a smallish gaming clan site (1 mysql db, couple of mailboxes etc) has been hosted by them for the last 3 years and with only one outage (they seemed very efficient on the phone when contacted about it and had the problem sorted within the hour) but apart from that I've not had any problems with Fasthosts.

    Have I just been lucky because there certainly seems to be a lot of bad press about Fasthosts?

  8. Kate Craig-Wood
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    Not just numbers...

    Stating "the number one's Web host" implies that they are best for value / quality too.

    *polishes her collection of the three latest PCPro Best Web Host awards*

    *looks smug*




    Kate Craig-Wood

    Da Boss


  9. Anonymous Coward
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    Never use Fasthosts : They are the worst, not best

    Never use Fasthosts : They are the worst, not best

    They could not damage their clients more or care less than they do.

    Trapped resellers with too many sites to move, like us, are constantly battling their sabotage.

    Bring sites or their functionality down, with almost comical upgrades and sudden changes to the server settings.

    They have never send an email advising on a change and possible consequences.

    You only realise... when a 'contact form' that appears to work, doesn't and 'your' clients are facing unknown losses.

    Fix it and Fasthosts, change the dam setting back again.

    Approaching Fasthosts on it is an absolute 100% waste of time. They can hardly follow a url (link), right!

    They never know what they have done (support is don't know past fixes and are , literally, thick), claim no-one else is being hurt (even with loads of FH posts complaining) and basically don't care, anyway.

    At free, they will cost you the earth, for any real business/website. It is amazing that people still sign up.

    They are not Number 1

    Never use Fasthosts : They are the worst, not best

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