back to article Blizzard ditches long-time WoW operator

Blizzard Entertainment is dumping its long-time China World of Warcraft distributor and operator, a company that relies heavily on the online adventure, for a rival operation. Online games operator said on Thursday it has won a three-year license to host Blizzard's massively popular role playing game in mainland …


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  1. Bad Beaver

    Oh man!

    If access to WoW is affected, this will have an instant impact on Gold Farming activities all through China, a million voices crying out in terror...

  2. Ceiling Cat

    The9 Goes Bye-bye?

    Can't say it'll be a great loss.

    Of course, they have a spin-off company that's actually doing well (they publish all kinds of console games for the S.E. Asian market, as well as hosting "free-to-play" games. They've also got almost as bad a reputation at Nexon.

  3. Dan

    @Bad Beaver

    I'd imagine there's not much gold trade happening on the chinese servers regardless - what makes it profitable on the US/EU realms is the currency imbalance between the countries involved.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    WotLK not available in China

    Which explains why the powerlevelling spam in the game has dropped off - they can only take you to level 70 not level 80.

    Unfortunately, level 1 players will still invite level 80s into a party just to ask the same message "Do you want to buy gold again. We have 25457k going spare"

    I just tell them to "f u c k o f f" knowing full well that they won't complain.

    Can the game be played in Chinese? Does anyone know?

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down


    Sorry commentty people. But as anyone who has ever faced the CrackCraft can tell you, the Chinese servers, EU servers, and American servers all use different serial codes to allow you on to them.

    For the 'Chinese' gold spam you are talking about the players must be running on a version of the game suited to your locality. And if they have a copy of the normal version of the game attuned [*cough*] to your local version, there is nothing to stop them getting a version of Wrath for that locality either.

    Also, the changing of the hosting company in China will have no affect whatsoever on players using versions of the game hosted in other localities.


This topic is closed for new posts.