back to article DARPA AI will trawl petabytes of UAV vid for enemy cows

Renowned Pentagon tech-tomfoolery agency DARPA has announced a new plan to create mighty artificial intelligences. The so-called "Deep Learning" machines will be used to trawl through petabytes of video from robot aircraft prowling the skies - initially, apparently, seeking out threatening horses and cows. According to DARPA …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    ".. in various poses, orientations and sizes.."

    I have trouble identifying some people's orientation. Especially people of certain sizes in certain poses.

    Not sure I would have any better success with horses or cows..

  2. goggyturk

    Death to all Cowboys

    It's obviously a war on horse rustlers, cattle worriers, bushwhackers and other Bush supporters.

    Good to see DARPA doing their bit for the new regime.

  3. M7S

    Camels as well?

    Perhaps in the deep desert, the good guys can use Dromedaries and the baddies Bactrian, or somesuch to help tell them apart at a distance. (Its the same with some humans, the only way you can tell them apart is some have one lump at the front and some have two:)

    And if the term "ship of the desert" were to be used, will they try to program for a quadruped several hundred feet long and painted grey with a funnel?

    The StillSuit please. With the straps arranged desert style.

  4. Paul Clark

    Skynet online again?

    First August 29th 1997, then July 25th 2004, now possibly sometime 2011:

    Just don't expect to beat it with Cavalry...

  5. Martin Lyne


    Couldn't you just get it to map it in 3d (from multiple frames and therefore angles due to UAVs gerenally flying not hovering) then just say "someone riding a large quadraped" rather than "horse" or "camel" or "a centaur" if you accidentally load some mythology in there.

    Level 4 Minotaur alert, sir!

  6. Seán

    God in heaven

    "Will see horses, deduce existence of evil cattle"

    Give that man a medal.

  7. Paul

    Project Pigeon

    To avoid the impending Skynet disaster, they could simply employ trained pigeons pecking at cows on the screen

    I hear that works.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    ROTM, innit?

  9. RW

    Artificial intelligence?

    Why do I always think "artificial stupidity" whenever I read "AI"?

  10. Anonymous Coward

    Don't we already have artificial intelligence?

    Isn't artificial intelligence, as opposed to real intelligence, what generated all of that WMD hoopla that resulted in the invasion of Iraq?

  11. Lionel Baden

    can we call it

    Deep thought ??

  12. Rob

    Now I'm really worried...

    ... shouldn't have watched 2 episodes of the Sarah Connor Chronicles last night.

    (RoTM icon should be the fit terminator girl)

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Black Helicopters

    I thought they already had Artificial Intelligence..

    ..wasn't that what they used to justify the Iraq war?

    Ohhhhh.. you mean the *other* sort of Artificial Intelligence..

  14. Michael
    Black Helicopters


    It's the SHEEP you should be worried about...Chip 'em all, is what i say !

  15. jon

    Easy AI Now

    Outsource the image analysis to the third world..

    IT should only take only a couple of weeks to convert a call center.

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