back to article Tesla to open London showroom

Californian ‘leccy car maker Tesla has announced plans to build its first showroom outside of North America in Blighty. RoadsterModelS_01 Tesla's Model S (left) and Roadster (right) will, eventually, be available to buy in London The firm’s Sales and Service Centre will be built in London’s famous Knightsbridge district, …


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  1. Richard Duncan


    Willing to sell my grandmother if I can have 2 please, ehhh no, can I have one then, eh---- no. Can I save up for a Farrari while i'm waiting? Of course you can Sir.

  2. Paul
    Thumb Down


    I thought this was the "other" Tesla. I was hoping they had a showroom where you could wear cages and walk through lightning.


  3. Ricky H

    wow a reason to go into London!

    not a huge fan of London at the best of times but this might just do it :D

  4. Pete James

    So it will be a boutique then

    Marketing types will glow with the Tesla concept of creating a boutique brand that occupies a rarified space.

    Unfortunately, Tesla products don't look special and they don't have any decisive edge over IC competitors.

    I have a feeling they'll be gone within a few years.

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