back to article Spam spurt fuelled by booming underground economy

The expanding underground economy is fuelling an identity price war, with unskilled crooks now able to buy full personal identities for pennies, according to the latest edition of Symantec's Internet Threat Report. The study, published on Tuesday, reports that credit card details, names, addresses and date of births of …


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  1. Anonymous John

    "from 40 pence to £20."

    How to you pay for stolen credit card details? With a stolen credit card?

    Giving your own card details to a site that sees them as a saleable commodity strikes me as a bad idea.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    @Anonymous John

    Perhaps they're just buying one another's IDs and they don't know it :-)

  3. Dave

    Bloody f'in spam!

    I had been enjoying that brief period of next to nothing... now, I checked one account and out of 124 messages, all but 1 was spam. And that lot was received in less than 24 hours. I cleared out 700 odd messages at the weekend and last night there were another 200+ sat in my trash.

    It's absolutely ridiculous. When MS said 97% of email is spam... in my case they were absolutely correct! Even with aggressive spam filters, I still get over 20 through a day not marked as spam. I sometimes wonder why we even bother with email these days.

  4. James H

    50 Pence

    I'd imagine the price has gone down because everybody's credit cards are maxed out!

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