back to article Seagate sees more restructuring ahead

Seagate's third financial 2009 quarter revenue was better than feared but still lower than the previous quarter, and the company anticipates more restructuring to lower costs, indicating more jobs may be lost. The storage firm reported preliminary Q3 fy09 revenues of $2.1bn, compared to Q2 fy09's $2.27bn, better than the …


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  1. Joe User
    Thumb Down

    Spend some money on quality control!

    I just had another Seagate hard drive kick the bucket....

  2. Timothy

    It's obvious because their 1TB+ hard drives are garbage!

    Well MAYBE if there 1 and 1,5TB hard drives were not such utter cr*p, they would be raking the money in still! SD15 is a swear word. Have recently purchased two 1 TB WD hard drives - hope they last. At least they still have a 5 year warranty!

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