back to article JavaScript battle enters final round

The final draft of the revised version of ECMAScript - better known by the Sun Microsystems-trademarked name of its most popular dialect, JavaScript - has been published by the ECMA and is now available as ECMA-262 for final interoperability and compatibility testing. This version, developed under the working name of …


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  1. Charles

    Oh great...

    Even more ways to get "pwned". I'm frankly getting a little tired about this push for all these systems to have more and more functions. How about knuckling down and making the ones you already have battle-hardened for the hostile Internet first?

  2. Pizza


    Why is it that so many people write this word, yet so few can actually spell it?

  3. Tom

    It makes you wonder

    how these people can be in charge of anything! They publish the proposed standard in Pointless Document Format without a single hotspot(?) to jump to even the chapters in the damn thing.

    Computers are too good for these people!

  4. Martin Lyne


    "Inspection of objects" - No, we didn't need this ages ago Microsoft, thanks for making us wait becuase.. presumably, you couldn't be bothered to program it into version 20 of your shite browser.


  5. Matt


    So, which features didn't Microsoft like? I'm tempted to believe they're trying to scupper Javascirpt to make way for something proprietary. However, it would be nice to have some facts, even to prove me wrong :-)

  6. Anonymous Coward


    as usual MS scupper a load of innovation cos they're browser offering is so shit it'd take them another few years to catch up with the rest of the market... again.


  7. Mark James
    Gates Horns

    another obstacle to progress

    yet again microsoft stifle progress because their bloated company can't keep up with development (understandable as they're working on a foundation of sand.) Roll on the day when Google buy them and chop up the company...

  8. Rory Gibsson

    "Supersede" vs "Supercede"

    Either spelling is valid.

    cite OED.

  9. DZ-Jay


    That's from whence organic super heroes sprout.


  10. Arthur Silver badge

    Link is to old standard

    Following the article link to ECMA-262 gives me the 1999 3rd edition standard, not the new draft. The draft is at

    Yes, OK, I'm a sad git who reads language specifications. Live with it.

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    And of course it's all mostly useless...

    ... as you'll still have to spend ages getting IE6 to work...

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