back to article Microsoft and Yahoo! resume mating ritual

Microsoft and Yahoo! have entered "early discussions" on a possible search and advertising partnership, including a face-to-face meeting between new Yahoo! chief executive Carol Bartz and Microsoft boss Steve Ballmer. Citing "several sources with knowledge of the situation", All Things Digital has reported the two Google …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    no no no

    You got it wrong Cade. The proper title should have been "Microsoft! and! Yahoo! resume! mating! ritual!". Jeez do you not pay attention to the memo's?

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Any way you slice it

    It still comes up with Yahoo at 1/4th too 1/3rd the price Yang could have gotten for it if he had more brain than ego.

  3. Andy Barber


    With both Gates & Yang leaving their companies, they must both be a pig-in-pokes. I must contact Stanford International, to help me finance buying BOTH companies.

  4. Tim
    IT Angle

    Mating Ritual?

    Seems more like a re-run of Night of the Living Dead...

    But then that is more entertaining than their content...

    I always remember the KISS phase: Keep It Simple Stupid...

    Which is all they have to do with an internet search...

    But then they might have to use their services to understand that...

    Which is really too much to ask in this day and age...

    And if you dont believe that then just read those executive emails regarding Blista.

    Perhaps we should expect a nuclear explosion as these gas giants collapse...

    So guys: put your heads between you knees and kiss your arses goodbye.

  5. Charles Manning


    It made sense for the Google-obsessed Ballmer to try buy Yahoo when

    Microsoft + Yahoo > Google

    Ballmer could have looked in the mirror and claimed he had more search inches than Google even though both Microsoft + Yahoo were losing ground and Google was gaining ground.


    Google > world + dog

    so Yahoo no longer has that ego-enhancing value to MS.

    Ballmer will be reduced to trying to make a business case for Yahoo based on pure financials - a lot less viable now that there is no ego benefit.

  6. Waggers

    Search and advertising partnership

    Yahoo! = search + advertising - there's nothing else to their business. So this "partnership" is more of a "merger", which will essentially equate to a "takeover". It's just symantics, the outcome is the same.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Another one for the Microhoo! roundup page

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