back to article Seagate shows off HDD-to-TV media player

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  1. Natalie Gritpants

    They've brought back sneakernet

    Marvelous, have they not heard of networking? Oh, hang on, it's Seagate and they make disks, It would be simpler to just burn the movie onto a DVD and use your existing DVD player wouldn't it?

  2. hikaricore
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    no one cares

    There are plenty of media center options available already. Release the 2Tb drive or gtfo!

  3. Dick Emery
    Thumb Down


    No HDMI = FAIL

    WDTV owns it.

  4. Mark
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    So, let me get this right, it does a similar thing to the WD HDTV but takes a hard drive in a proprietary dock and doesn't have an HDMI output. I'd go with the more sensible WD product that is advertised using their drives but you don't have to buy one if you don't want and it has 2 USB sockets.

  5. smeddy

    Free internet service providings....

    Nice, but how is this any different from any other HDD player of the last four years and why did it warren a video?

    Also I'm sure he calls it a dog-station and his voice reminded me of one from Phonejakker: "we give you free internet service providings..."

    Mainly kidding, I enjoyed the video, it just seemed fairly basic technology to warrant a video

  6. Anonymous Coward
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    No HDMI?


  7. unitron
    Paris Hilton

    Tell the crowd to shut up!

    Is that the best Seagate could do, some amateur camcorder production with the off-camera chatter nearly drowning out the pitchman's thickly accented English?

    Somebody tell them to concentrate on making hard drives and outsource the advertising.

    PH her own self, 'cause even her home vids had better " production values ".

  8. Law
    Paris Hilton

    oh god

    I almost laughed out loud! Got a wdtv a few weeks ago, it rapes the crap out of this pos... WD really have outdone themselves, and seagate just shot themselves in the foot...

  9. Rob Beard
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    I would have been interested if it had HDMI and connectivity for a standard USB hard drive (or eSATA even). It looks to me a bit like an old games console from the early 80's.


  10. Bad Beaver


    Ok, the bad list is blatantly obvious

    - no networking

    - no HDMI

    - coaxial digital out?! Is this some abandoned Philips project they picked up for cheap?

    - The menues are as shoddy as on any other random HDD-media thingy from China

    What I want to know is: At 90 quid, the drive is included?

    @ unitron

    I agree. I almost skipped the whole thing a few seconds in because it was so annoying.

  11. Elsie

    Research? What research?

    Seagate have really looked into this haven't they? Wonder how they missed the wonders of consoles like the 360 or PS3 and free software like TVersity that can stream virtually any media across a network and onto a TV / Sound System.

    Why would anyone spend a minimum of £90 on such a device when if you have one of the above consoles you can do it for free?!

  12. Wize
    Dead Vulture

    Lack of text in the article

    Looks like the comments I made on Friday about there being no text in this article (because I'm not going to be the only one who can't watch videos at work) must have stung a little. So much that none of my comment was posted, even though most of it would be relevant to this article (well that's just a guess based on the comments that did make it through).

  13. Eddie Johnson

    Question for all

    Are there even any Reg readers who haven't sworn to never buy another Seagate product after the .11 fiasco?

    Just askin'.

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