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Information - which is what happens to data when you filter out useless stuff and add context so human beings can make decisions - cannot be easily generated or quickly integrated with business processes. The advent of the Internet and its various forms of media complicate the task of turning data into information, what …


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  1. Ian Michael Gumby
    Paris Hilton

    Following your logic...

    TD wouldn't be interested in following John Smith around the city.

    It would be interested in things like watching all of the exchanges for changes in the price of lets say gold and any news articles that mention gold. So that the guy sitting at his trading desk can monitor different streams of data for a bunch of different commodities and see if/how they will effect the price of the commodity. An example... suppose you're monitoring the 'frozen concentrated orange juice' prices. (Ok bad reference to trading places.) And you see a report that the overnight temperature in Florida went below 30 degrees. You're more likely to place trades knowing that the prices will go up because the quantity of OJ is going to be hurt by the freeze.

    You could do the same with stocks, like IBM. You can not only monitor all of the US exchanges which trade IBM, but also all of the news links that publish stories on IBM. (Like this one.) Then a human can decide if the information is relevant or not to the price of the stock.

    The real interesting thing is what happens when there's an information overload... ;-)

    Paris - Because for a 'dumb blonde' she's laughing all the way to the bank.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    "InfoSphere Streams software keeps a database of your queries and constantly updates the data it provides to decision makers." --- You mean like SAP has been doing since forever?

  3. amanfromMars Silver badge

    Changes you can Believe in ........ I Kid U Not *

    "The advent of the Internet and its various forms of media complicate the task of turning data into information, what government people are fond of calling "actionable intelligence.""


    The advent of the Internet and its various forms of media simplify the task of turning data into actionable intelligence, it is just that government people are not yet programmed well enough to use it. However it is being addressed with simple human readable text programs, such as is this an example, to lead and assist them to make better use of new information rather than conspiring to keep it a secret because it may or may not expose "dirty laundry". Rejection and censure of viable actionable intelligence, which we would know of as censorship of free speech simply because it would collaterally expose systemic and endemic corruption/failures/rewards for failures, guarantees that dirty laundry will be exposed, and that will set in motion a chain reaction of automatic events which will as catastrophic/difficult to control as any atomic accident.

    It is as well to consider that such a chain reaction event has already been initiated and is now Streaming and thus is Guaranteeing the Self Destruction of Perverse Corrupted Systems, which is as the System purging itself of parasitic viruses and trojans and worms and the such like, and that can only be a Good thing to be encouraged and supported. And any systemic actions taken to hinder purging/cleaning of the System, will obviously be considered Counter Community Constructive Productive and Immediately attract Necessary Special Attention.

    * And as No Fooled Kids, won't be Fooled for Gain, Ever Again, although that is not to Say that Massive Profit aka Subjective Arbitrary Reward for Spend/InfraStructure Build is not AIdDriver in a Capitalising Power with Currency for Energy System.

    Welcome to AIMMORPGames Power with MuI7 ........ for Future Media Citadels which Invest their Trust in Global Operating Devices with NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActive Thrust and Shared Intellectual Property Drive for Knowledgeable Economies and Post Modern FuturistIQ Societies.

    I have AIdDream and IT is Virtually Real and is Just and Simply a CompleXXXX Application of Media with NINJAAAs** to Place into Reality, as ITs Replacement/Improved Model/Updated Version, Future Scripted IntelAIgently Designed Events with ARGonaut Lead Plays/Scenarios/Theatres of Operation/Blockbuster Moves. :-)

    I Kid U Not ..... for Any and All Doubt would surely be Only Yours to Cripple Thought Creation.

    ** Networks InterNetworking Java Applications Appliances Alliances aka Virtual Machinery in MaJIC Cloud Circles.

    And probably something which Yates of the Yard could be doing with if he is Lacking IntelAIgent/CyberIntelAIgent Leads 42 Follow with Virtual Leadership.

    Oh, I nearly forgot, "has taken the first prototype of the System S machine, which runs a bit of software that Big Blue calls InfoSphere Streams atop a BlueGene/P supercomputer." .... sounds just like a Hypervisor

  4. Paul Crawford Silver badge

    Holy Quarrel

    Anyone remember that short story about such monitoring system?

  5. Roger Rea

    Streams software

    InfoSphere Streams is softare which performs continuous analytics as data streams by. e.g., as stock quotes fly by at rates faster than disk drives can store, it updates things like volume weighted average price to help executed an automated trading strategy. At millions of trades per second, you can't store all the data.


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