back to article Google streams data center pods to world+dog

A week after it was shown to a group of industry engineers during a company event in Mountain View, Google has publicly released a video detailing its once top-secret data center design. As has been rumored for years - and as The Reg confirmed this fall - Google pieces together its data centers using intermodal shipping …


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  1. Gabriel Vistica


    From all the technobabble and big words that no-one could possibly understand, I thought I was watching Star Trek: TNG again!

  2. Disco-Legend-Zeke

    Ok google: try this!

    Disperse data pods to apartment buildings.

    Turn off data center when residents do not need heat or hot water.

    Humans seem to be the only thing in the universe that loves 110 degree water, to everything else, its a waste product..

    Google has enough traffic that it has the ability to shape power consumption to match global loads. Just as it is always 5 o clock somewhere, it's always cold somewhere might as well run the servers where you need the heat.

    Even though information has no weight, the cost of moving it around is real.

  3. Dive Fox

    @ Zeke

    I kept my apartment warm this winter with a single SunFire 880. Your concept is sound.

  4. Lukin Brewer

    Narration in monotone.

    Maybe they should have got an appropriate professional voice actor to narrate. Like, perhaps, Ellen McLain, who did the voice of Overwatch in Half Life 2 and GLaDOS in Portal. :-)

    Just as well there wasn't any Google-provided *cake* promised...

  5. Bernard Mergendeiler
    Thumb Down

    Hangers are for clothing

    A hangAr is a large building. Lose the spell checker and hire an editor.

  6. Patrick O'Reilly


    Where can I get me one of those Google Personal Transportation Devices.

    The fact that they were scooters instead of Segways doesn't surprise me, not even Google would shell out for that waste of money.

  7. Anonymous Coward

    @Dive Fox

    I hope you were using the SunFire for something other than heating, cos I can think of a hundred better ways to heat an apartment! :-)

  8. Kenny Swan

    My god...

    I've never heard a more boring, monotone voice. I simply couldn't sit through it. I was very interested in this until I started watching it. They sucked any interest I had out me at industrial vacuum strength. Shame I couldn't finish watching it.

  9. Disco-Legend-Zeke

    @ dive fox

    now if you could just move to the southern hemisphere in the summer.

    actually, 250 KW is a LOT of heat. and if you used water-cooled plates directly on the procdessors, you could produce temperatures high enough to activate absorption-cycle air chillers. in Nevada, 250KW (typical data pod consumption according to Google) would be $25,000 per hour!!!

    google will probably have a patent on this by now.

  10. dave


    I wonder if this setup could run Crysis at maximum settings

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