back to article Oops: Microsoft wonk hits Live Messenger red button

Microsoft has said sorry to users of its Windows Live Messenger service after it sent out a missive yesterday wrongly instructing people to change their email addresses. “We sincerely apologise, but this was accidentally sent out,” admitted Microsoft. “If you received this notification today, please ignore it. You will be able …


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  1. Lewis Mettler

    so glad

    So glad I am completely devoid of any and all Microsoft products or services.

  2. John Macintyre

    "somebody made a mistake "

    er.. this isn't really a 'oh my god microsoft's so shit it f*$@£d up again, the b@$£%&ds', it's some muppet who pressed the wrong button. This is just a fundamental problem with IT systems and users/support who should know better but don't get paid enough to.

    However, bring on the M$ hate....

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I actually think the Hotmail redesign is a massive improvement

    I'm probably one of the few users that thinks the new Hotmail is a vast improvement over the last one!

  4. Jay Jaffa
    Gates Halo

    What a bunch of

    fuck monkeys. My mate has just bought a new Alfa Romeo Mito. The Audio O/S is based on Windows. It's actually very very frightening to see the Microsoft logo sitting there in a real car. Who the fuck, in their right minds, would actually commit to embedding Microsoft flighty nonsense in anything so real.

  5. Frank

    Dear Microsoft,

    I wish to complain about the quality and reliability of your free service, which I've come to rely on.......oh, wait....

  6. Mark W

    Well done Lewis are truly my hero and have my undying respect.

    Could only have been improved by writing 'Micro$oft' or 'M$' but I guess it gives you something to aim for in the future.


  7. B3vil


    Why does a feature exist to make people change their email addresses in the first place anyway? Are they planning on filtering out existing email addresses that would infringe current 'allowed' XBOX Live Identities retroactively? (ie, if you've used a trademarked name, character name from a game, or something they deem offensive they'll revoke your email address, even if it was fine years ago?)

    I've got a feeling I'm completely missing the point here, and that this feature must be for something else tho, not forcing people to change their address?

  8. Henry Wertz Gold badge


    Yeah, Ford's putting "Microsoft Sync" in some of their cars too. I'm scared.

    Re: the article. I'm not bringing on the hate either. Someone slipped and hit the wrong button.. meh.

    As for the hotmail redesign, the complaint I had heard was they made sure it worked with IE, and it didn't quite work right with anything else. Is this still the case? I'd complain too about webmail that doesn't follow web standards.. I don't necessarily expect it to work in lynx or anything, but really...

  9. Robert Armstrong

    If you cannot build a better email service...

    then be an email service, I say.

  10. Matt

    Please change your email address...

    The link you need is www. gmail. com

  11. lennie

    hmm how many users got that message?

    well I for one are one of those who thinks the redesign was well needed. at least this problem isn't as bad losing all or some your mail.

    I honestly believe Microsoft should create a sort of "kill switch" for emails: where they can delete/unsend a previously sent message on their network. this way they can selectively delete and block malicious email from user's mailboxes if enough people reports it as spam or "virused" message (make it an added feature where users can turn it on or off as they wish). overtime this would undoubtedly remove the need for a "spam folder", each email has a visible "spam?" button beside it and not tucked away behind some menu.

    bellow is off topic but I just want to say it anyway:

    I don't use gmail (don't think I will) because I don't really trust google. I hear a lot of people praise there email service and how you can navigate your email with searches, but if that's true then that means google has done set their spiders on your email messages and so technically your email is permanently cached in their systems. is there any option to turn off indexing of the emails? I don't think so.

    @ Jay

    man you must of been living under a pine tree or something but you would be surprised at the number of different devices that uses Windows CE.

  12. Chris Pearson

    Windows for Ford/Alfa

    Don't worry it won't be doing anything important. ECUs are so specialist and specific that no standard OS has a hope of getting anywhere close to it. Windows will only be running things like the audio/sat nav etc. Here's the clue: "The Audio O/S is based on Windows". I fail to see how that's scary?

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Microsoft in Car ECUs

    McLaren, Microsoft confirm ECU supply

    They have been doing it in F1 for a couple of seasons now

  14. Cameron Colley

    Much as I dislike Microsoft...

    This is, as has been pointed out, as free service -- I've been using MSN and googlemail for the past year or so and I don't see much difference -- apart from the fact that Microsoft didn't tell me all my mail is belong to them when I signed up.

    if nothing else MSN lets me know ehn my friends have malware...

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