back to article Nokia Life Tools help Indian farmers get one

Nokia has completed trials of its Life Tools service, providing information to India's farmers and farming communities, demonstrating how mobile phones can do more than play music and make farting noises. Life Tools provides an easy interface to Reuters Market Light, which delivers information on crop prices and such over the …


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  1. McFlurry

    apart from the agents

    who make a living by screwing down the price they pay the farmers... Will this push the price up as agents will start having to add more at the market end in order to turn a profit? or will they have to just take the hit?

  2. Charlie
    Paris Hilton


    Not all transactions are based on the "I'm screwing you coz I'm getting screwed myself model".

    Most transactions end with both parties walking away satisfied. If they didn't there would be a lot less commerce in the world.

    Giving the producers more information means they are less likely to get screwed by the agents, not more likely.

    Paris, coz all this thinking makes me tired

  3. Elmer Phud

    Farming or Fielding

    "During the trail, which used Nokia 2600 and 1680 handsets, users could sign up to a range of services including Reuters as well as cricket scores"

    In India cricket is one of the main religions.

    Coincidence or . . . ?

  4. Grozbat
    Thumb Up

    Ho ho

    That indian farmer coming out with the management bullshit-speak and lifestyle garbage was funny.

    Having said that, great idea Nokia.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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