back to article Hugh Jackman speaks of Wolverine leak heartbreak

Hugh Jackman has described himself as "heartbroken" by the leak of X-Men Origins: Wolverine which saw an incomplete version appear on several BitTorrent websites ahead of the official 1 May US release date. According to the BBC, the Aussie thesp described the rough footage - featuring no CGI effects - as a "Ferrari without a …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Ferrari without a paint job

    Even so you could still tell its a ferrari without paint job. I watched the "movie" and it would be apt to describe it as an unpolished turd.

    They can polish it all they want it'll still be a massive turd, only slightly shinier.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    More reason for him to be upset

    It's also been transmitted on Bolivian TV

    Or to preview the full link

  3. Jamie Kitson

    My Heart Bleeds

    I wonder if his contract states he gets a percentage of the box office takings and DVD sales.


  4. Anonymous Coward

    But it is a 'serious crime'.

    If it were any other industry where millions of dollars of investment was tarnished by vandalism there would be uproar but because it's the media industry we see 'serious crime' in inverted commas as though it's all some big joke that doesn't really matter.

    Sure file sharing is not theft - that's ridiculous. If you steal a DVD from HMV then HMV have lost a potential sale but also no longer have the goods to sell. Obviously downloading does not remove the goods, but by uploading an unfinished and hotly anticipated movie this has basically vandalised the sales potential of the movie - many will watch it with no effects and decide it's not worth paying to see.

    Sure many will still pay to see it, however many will not and herein lies the problem.

  5. Neil Fairall

    He'll cry all the way to the bank

    I thought the reviews were pretty good, such as they are. For me, why would I want to watch a movie that had been ripped off with a camcorder in a cinema, or wasn't finished? I can wait, thanks.

  6. Brian Whittle


    Is a Ferrari without a paint job no doors and only have the engine, not worth watching

  7. Seán


    A serious crime would be where an able bodied man makes an enormous fortune pretending to be a cartoon character in order to take money from children and the mentally crippled. This would be more a case of bitchslapping a bunch of rapacious crooks.

  8. Steve


    Well I did watch the pre release (was like teh making of )and liked it.

    But will now go to cinema (Only downt he road from me)

    TO see the full finished version.

  9. Scott Evil


    More like a Talbot Samba

  10. D@v3

    "a serious crime"

    that the 'pirates' themseleves are the victims of becausing instead of getting the whole film, they are the ones with the "Ferrari without a paint job".

    Or from a slightly different angle, if you went and robbed some Ferrari factory, and legged it with a can with no fule lines and a half finished paintjob, yes, you would have commited "a serious crime" but you would also be the victim of idocy, by not waiting for a few days/weeks till it was finished so you could nick the whole thing, and get much more enjoyment from it.

    Real piracy is a crime, with boats and cutless' and rum by the barrel

  11. Dirk Vandenheuvel
    Paris Hilton

    Yeah right

    Probably a shit film that they are trying to get into the news limelight by all these interviews, sacking, "leaks", court cases and previews.

    Paris.. because she doesn't need CGI

  12. Cameron Colley


    I'm sure the film is better with no CGI as at least it will be amusing and interesting to see a film without CGI whereas with CGI it's probably another dull prequel.

  13. bygjohn

    Oh boo-hoo

    Please. It's a movie. Based on a comic book. Hardly the end of the world, for heaven's sake.

  14. Wade Burchette

    Wrong crime

    From what I've read, this movie is so bad it is a crime against humanity. No amount of CGI can improve the plot. The plot is what people are attacking, not the visual effects. A movie without a plot is like a Ferrari without an engine. Sure, it looks good, but it isn't worth the money.

    If you are into conspiracy theories, here is one. This whole leak is suspicious. How could an unfinished movie just happen to leak out? Well, what if Fox decided to "leak" out the movie to generate buzz? Then the "leak" generated such bad reviews that Fox was forced to save face by coming down hard and claiming piracy. Let the conspiracy begin!

  15. Lloyd
    Thumb Down

    Crap film alert

    I'd be more worried about the ending which was absolute shite, hopefully that's what the reshoots were for.

  16. George

    What about a Porsche without a paint job?

    They look very nice, see Bruce Springsteen "Hungry Heart" video for an example.

    As for this, now that Watchmen is done, comic films are passe!

  17. Bob

    What's really sad here...

    is that when this movie is released and turns out to be complete crap, Fox now has an excuse for the bad ticket sales. It can't possibly be that word of mouth is getting around that it's a horrible movie, the millions who don't see it clearly pirated it.

  18. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    The only crime here

    Is punting this crap out and charging punters money for it.

  19. Anonymous Coward

    Hugh Jackass

    "Ferrari without a paint job"

    So he is saying its not quite as pretty but everything else is unaffected. The real reason why they're so upset with this film being leaked early is because they know its a pretty f/x movie and not much else. If Hollywood spent 10% of what they waste on all the excessive f/x & overpriced inflatable egos they call actors on getting decent writers to create stories with substance & interesting plots they might not be losing so much money.

    Oh I forgot.. its piracy that makes them produce bad movies isnt it. Its a good story for the insurance claim I guess.

  20. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    I sure hope it's just an april fools joke.

    This "unfinished" movie was fun to watch as a behind-the-scenes preview, but they aren't making a Ferrari. I was disappointed with the quality of everything _except_ the special effects. The writing was not only dull, but the story deviates from the source material so far as to offend the fans. I was hoping for an unbridled animal in Hugh Jackmans performance, but I was let down, and perhaps that's why he's reacting this way.

    Ryan Renolds performance was honestly the best part of the movie. In the short scenes as a smart-alek Deadpool, he raised the bar in portraying comic book characters on the big-screen. I really can't understand why they would re-invent him into a new villain and kill off the best Marvel character when there are so many others to choose from.

    The other characters were terrible, Gambit doesn't even have a Cajun accent if that tells you anything. The fight scenes were lame, at one point I wanted to scream, "Just kill him with you OTHER claw!" No amount of theme music would undo the TV crime-drama feel of the action scenes.

    I hope the worst for this travesty of a movie, I honestly hope they lose money on it so they can't make any more like it. This statement by the movies lead is nothing more than damage control for an early review by the internet. Paint it any color you want Fox, this movie is bad and you should feel bad.

  21. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Reading all these comments makes me realise why Sarah Bee "quit".

  22. greg

    Ferrari without a paintjob?

    A film like this with no CGI is more like a Ferrari without the paint job, windows, engine or wheels. Structure's in place, but it won't take you anywhere!

  23. This post has been deleted by its author

  24. Yorkshirepudding

    tight bastards

    go watch it at the cinema... just dont get the pick n mix

  25. bygjohn

    Re: Sigh

    Can't see why. Actor starts moaning about how "heartbroken" he is about an unfinished cut leaking, so lots of people who probably wouldn't have gone to see it anyway get to download it. Others use it as a preview or whatever. It will almost certainly make little or no difference to box office takings.

    Contrast (for example) people in that town in Italy who've lost homes or loved ones in the earthquake. They really have something to be heartbroken about.

    Time for Mr Jackman to get a sense of proportion as well as his doubtless nice fat cheque.

    I've actually enjoyed the other X-Men films and was probably going to see this one at the pictures. I'm beginning to think I might not, after this dumb outburst.

  26. weirdcult

    @scott evil

    Jeebus man, how old are you? Talbot Samba indeed....

  27. Paul

    It'd be awesome if...

    ...someone did the CGI using paint + plasticine stop-motion. Best remake evvah.

  28. Wade Burchette
    Paris Hilton

    @Tony Chandler

    I have not seen the leaked movie. In fact, I had already decided NOT to see the movie long before I read about the bad reviews. None of the movies coming out soon will I see. None. That includes the new Terminator even though Christian Bale is a great actor. I am not going to see these movies because they all clearly are terrible.

    Piracy and the economy is not killing the movie industry. Competition from other forms of entertainment isn't killing movies either. It is the sorry product Hollywood is putting out. These big studios think sex and CGI and violence can replace a good plot and story; it cannot.

    The #1 problem with movie and music studios is they refuse the admit they are wrong. They blame anything and everything except themselves. Because, in their eyes, are not wrong, they will not change and the fundamental problem remains. Until movie studies demand a good story, ticket sales will always be down. I do not pirate movies, yet the last movie I considered worth seeing was Batman, The Dark Knight. How long ago was that?

  29. Simon Buttress


    Got there before me. If Hugh Jackman wants to know what actual heartbreak is, get him to phone Liam Neeson, THAT'S heartbroken, real life tragedy not a fucking movie leak.

  30. Anonymous Coward


    Its a good thing that the US is so safe that the FBI can dedicate time to this case.

  31. Tony

    @Wade Burchette

    "Competition from other forms of entertainment isn't killing movies either. It is the sorry product Hollywood is putting out."

    Hear, hear. There is a serious problem with Hollywood at the moment - I'm not sure where it originates, but there is a real lack of creative storylines coupled with poor writing. Is it just the studio execs and some really poor decision making?

    "These big studios think sex and CGI and violence can replace a good plot and story; it cannot."

    I would add to that, re-hash a story over and over until you wring every last possible drop out of it, then do it one more time for luck.

    I'm taking part in a project to create a new movie; most of the participants are US based. Most of those from the UK have already dropped out as they were so pissed off with the comments from the septics about adding more car chases, gun fights, explosions, heavy pounding rock music, persons of obvious Arabic extraction being shot etc. Someone suggested that perhaps we needed to provide some justification in the plotline for these; he was unmercifully mauled by the other commentators for daring to suggest that a car blowing up was not the epitome of sophistication.

    The last time that I went to the cinema was to see LOTR:ROTK - I've not seen any other film project that I was interested enough in to actually make the effort to go and see.

  32. Kae Verens

    speaking of crimes...

    the fact that Hugh Jackman was able to talk about the quality of the downloaded film implies that he downloaded it.

    if he is not the owner of the film's copyright, then he has been stealing.

    if he /is/ the owner and downloaded from a torrent, then by doing so, he has also been uploading to other downloaders.

  33. Anonymous Coward

    Let's face it...

    ....when you're IN the Ferrari, you don't care whether it's painted or not, just how fast it goes. The paint job is irrelevant.

    Same goes for this film, it might not have a nice shiny coating but the guts of it are still there.

    If this movie was a Ferrari it would have a lawnmower engine (or maybe a little monkey pedalling away like a fury). Most of the reviews I've seen have said that the plot is terrible. Whizzy special effects can't save a movie that has a terrible plot. I've seen the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, so I know what I'm talking about.

    As many other posters have said, the sooner Hollywood realise that the PLOT is important, the sooner we will see a better standard of film. I mean take Cassablanca: It continues to be a popular film, there's not a special effect in sight and the guy doesn't end up marrying the girl at the end. Hollywood would never make a film like that now!

    There is a reason that 4 out of 5 Hollywood films don't make general release and it hardly takes a genuis to work out why. As long as everyone is content to make the same sort of crap that their competitors are making, nothing will ever change.

  34. Scott Swarthout

    Am I the only one

    After reading this article and the comments, I have Temple of the Dog's "Hunger Strike" running through my head.

    ...Do I owe royalties for that?

  35. richard
    IT Angle

    which anonymous coward has seen this?

    2 different opinions from the same person? eh?

    oh, and the film can only be good if halle berrys in it wearing very little.


  36. Alastair

    Re: speaking of crimes...

    Or, y'know, he's seen the pre-release print because he's involved in the filmmaking process. And didn't download it from anywhere.

    Not defending any of this, but come on, I'm pretty sure Hugh Jackman wouldn't need to download a torrent of a film he's working on in order to see it.

  37. Abstract8

    ... Entertainment Weekly 20 Aug 2008

    As per the website post (yes, you can google it).

    "Watchmen fans also blustered about a ban and even floated the idea of damaging Wolverine in particular via piracy — presumably, by making a crappy cam recording of the film and posting it somewhere on the Internet for illegal download."

  38. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    i think this shows a whole new way to market films

    If you look at the facts a good copy of the film without CGI which I may have seen was stiolll a good film and that in itself is a testimant to a good film. Now I'll still be buying the DVD as thats how I like my films. I wouldn;t go to the cinima to watch this no more or less than I would prior to any preview. But I'm certainly buying the DVD were upon I would probably not of been so certain in said purchase. Indeed if they wish to offer a pre-order and I can pay upfront a token sum in advance of the DVD and legaly alow me to have a non-CGI version of the film then I'd happily go with that as not everybody goes or can go to the cinima.

    SO perhaps holywood should when it comes to these heavy CGI type films think about offering a versiuon without CGI ahead of release for people to watch and pay a small nominal fee that can be used as a voucher towards the release DVD, be it a year later. I believe that would allow holywood to actualy know what a good film is and isn't and learn from this by looking at the positive aspects instead of being so negative.

    Top film, highly reccomended, and hey sacking a reviewer who wrote good things about it ahead of a movie release, sacralidge.

    Only time will tell but I suspect that this whole event and indeed the form that the pre-release actualy took will only solidify this fiscaly as a good film with good acting for what it is that is compilmented by CGI instead of made by its CGI. I like to see good acting not screensavers.

    ANON to protect myself from the blinkered visionotaries.

  39. Sean Kennedy

    I dunno

    Had I seen the movie, I'd be more inclined to see the film in the theaters I think. I might have enjoyed the unfinished product enough to watch it in the theaters and see all the steps they took to "finish" the job.

    Not for the acting, certainly. Or plot really. Or the ending, which might be subpar. But it might have been interesitng to see all the wires, the computer generated stuff unfinished. Then go and see the actual movie and see it finished.

    Had I seen it. Which I haven't.

  40. Thomas Baker
    Thumb Down

    @Scott Evil

    Hill hairy arse. Made me chuckle in a nostalgic way. Nice one.

    As for Hugh Jackman, as far as I'm concerned he can go fuck himself because of that truly cringeworthy protrayal of a "super-hacker" in Monster. Might not have been Monster but whatever movie Halle Berry gets her puppies out in? Truly, truly, truly embarassing, not the puppies, Hugh's "acting". Maybe it was Swordfish something or other. I dunno, I've deleted it from my brain it was so bad.

    Hugh Jackman should never be let on a film set again after that performance. He even snapped-his-fingers-and-danced-a-little-jig-as-he-had-bright-ideas-as-to-how-to-crack-the-graphically-represented-and-not-command-line-encryption-login-screen-algorythm-thingy...shudder.

    And talk about re-make, sequel of a prequel of a sub-plot...fug. I've got a migraine.

    Hollywood is like the music industry, every day there must be a thousand new ideas, new stories, new writers, new songs yet all they can do is pump out endless mind-slurry that copies and regurgitates old, well-worn non-ideas. I have no sympathy for them.

    As for a "serious crime", how can you realistically steal 32nd hand fart gas?

    Down with things like that!

  41. Unlimited

    @i think this shows a whole new way to market films

    Is that amanfromMars version 2?

  42. Matt Newton

    Don't worry Hugh!

    I wont be downloading it. Mind you I wont be watching it at the cinema, so no loss there, eh?

  43. Anonymous Coward


    I find is funny how people who've watched the previous 3 X-men films and hated it are still complaining here about how much this pre-quel sucks. Does it take a brain to figure out it would b the same deal? Most piraters just download it cause they can and have this usupered feeling of why pay when you can get for free feeling or to show off to there friends how they got an early copy of a movie that won't be out until next month. Lots of tards on the net or just tard actors with nothing better to do with their nocturnal lives. That being said, I thought the movie was alright with the fact that only a fraction of the movie was CGI which was mostly at the end. Also, if you take the words of Jackmans words of 'It's a serious crime and there's no doubt it's very disappointing -- I was heartbroken by it' minus the serious crime, he's basically admitting the movie was disappointing. :D

    All this media about piracy and torrents only brings more people to the understanding that everything but hardware can be downloaded for free on the internets and the rise of even more piraters. No stoppable force I say. You then even got MPAA/RIAA or whatever government official that fights against these doing it themselves and sometimes getting caught in the process as well. Everyone is doing it. The revolution cannot be stopped. Just adding DRM etc. will only aggravate people who actually buy the products in general with issues it may or may not cause.

  44. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    Hugh "diddle my clit" Jackman speaked with forked tounge.

    Well on one hand I think well yeah.... IF they do a decent product that is worthy of patronage, so be it.

    But on the other hand - they are selling a lie.

    According to the biblically brainwashed - it's demonic; which is always good for a laugh.

    But the more relevant points are that there is a whole heap of really unhealthy marketing spin going along with the product.

    Coke doesn't add life - it rots your teeth and gives you diabetes.

    Kids are groomed to be neurotic little "me too" consumers - because they have the latest and greatest "In Thing" - so everyone else has to be like them and have the paraphenalia too.

    Then you have all the in-movie product placements...

    And the list goes on and on and on - all the spin, the hype and marketing.

    And when it ever comes on TV., it will be milked for all it's worth - by rudely interrupting the add show with little movie breaks.

    And when it gets to the DVD shop - it will be region encoded, to stop me from buying it on DVD in the USA at 1/2 the price it comes out in Australia.

    As for his whining about internet piracy - that is a scam too; the figures are rigged by the movie studios.

    I also figure that with all the downloaders - chances are they wouldn't have gone to see it at the cinemas in the first place..... so where's the loss?

    So while Hugh "diddle my clit" Jackman's heart bleeds about the consumers being as justifiably unethical as the movie studios - I say, "I don't have much time for him and his industries crap".

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