back to article Wi-Fi BlackBerry Storm rumour blows in

The BlackBerry Storm’s lack of Wi-Fi support is arguably its most disappointing feature. But all that will change if rumours of a Wi-Fi capable model prove true. Called, unimaginatively, the Storm 2, “a source very close to the issue” has told website Slash Gear that US network operator Verizon has given the Storm’s …


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  1. Chris Ovenden


    Can the lack of something be considered a feature?

  2. Monkey

    They should concentrate on...

    ... getting the firmware right and stable on the first Storm (and the Bold I might add), before they launch new/ improved models.

    And yes, you're right, whoever reminds me of my previous praise singing of the reliability of my Bold/ company's Bolds! Feel free to feel smug!

    Not as bad as the appalling Storm, but the inclusion of a spontaneous full reboot feature mid call is a shocking thing to feel is acceptable. As RIM clearly do with their persistent deaf ears attitude to IT managers and procurement managers.

  3. Kurt


    Lets hope they get rid of the click screen, can't stand that crap. A touch screen with vibration feedback would be better.

  4. Hans

    Almost got one ....

    I almost got a Storm, hadn't it been for France's SFR, who suck like no other provider in any of the various countries I have lived in ... I live in France, unluckily, so it was iPhone for me ... which has wifi ... ;-) - I even think since G1 ... copy-paste? Never needed it sofar .... but the storm is one hell of a device, I hate da click feature when you use it, though ... no way to turn that off?

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