back to article Bacon sarnies cure hangovers: Official

It's official: The classic post-bender bacon sarnie really does help cure your hangover, thanks to the dual chemical benefits of the bread/sliced pig combination. Elin Roberts, science development manager at the Centre for Life in Newcastle, told the Daily Mirror: “Food doesn’t soak up the alcohol, but it does increase your …


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  1. Chloe Cresswell

    Bacon sardnie breaker..

    Most of my friends who are ex-vegetarians were the victim of the smell of a cooking bacon sandwich too.

  2. Justin

    Veggie broken by Bacon

    I was a vegetarian and it was a Bacon Sarnie that finally broke me. That and the dreams about Pork Pies.

  3. Paul

    What about...

    the salts in the bacon replacing the lost electrolights as well?

  4. Efros
    Paris Hilton

    In the West of Scotland

    It's long been known that square slice sausage on a roll liberally dosed with brown sauce are #1 hangover cure, especially when accompanied by a cup of tea.


    Paris cos she knows good sausage.

  5. Luis Ogando


    Yes, but will the bacon sarnie be available in pill form, like most 50's-styled sci-fi stories?

  6. wildmonkeyuk

    all this talk of food....rumble

    I've had that a few times when I go up to glasgow.

    Yes it cures the hangover after a night on the irn-bru & triple vodkas but it's not the same as bacon slices which are so nice...

    quick everyone - asda have bacon butties on offer for 1 pound each until May :)

  7. Gordon Pryra

    Now they can cure the veggies

    Can they use this research to help cure the gays?

  8. Richard
    Thumb Up

    Mmmmm....Bacon :)

    For me it has to be a Little Chef soft bap with bacon, egg and a big dollop of brown sauce. When the yolk breaks..MMmmm!!!!!! Can't do McD's, BK etc. Bacon and egg - food of the Gods :)

  9. Wize

    Don't forget the magic drink

    Iron Brew works wonders with hangovers

  10. Calum Morrison

    I thought The Onion was satire?

    Bacon Good For You, Reports Best Scientist Ever:

  11. David

    Bacon does win over vegetarians

    I tried vegetarianism (briefly)... it was bacon that got me, too... although now, being rather fond of most meats, I have to conclude that it was definitely just a fad.

  12. Paul


    I know one veggie who was broken by Salmon. He now agrees bacon is awesome :)

  13. Mike Groombridge

    not bacon but...

    we once convinced are veggie friend that it was ok to eat chicken (we were drunk) on the grounds that the reason everything tastes like chicken. is that it's 90% universe (all that missing matter in the universe = chickens) with 10% feathers beak etc which you don't eat he was eating chicken wings that night like there were going out of fashion. he still eats chickens but no red meat.

    I shall now terment any veggies with bacon sandwiches any chance i can get.

  14. Steven Raith
    Thumb Up

    Bacon+Egg bap FTW

    Working from home two days a week was handy for schoolnight-based pub incursion exercises, and a big, greasy bacon and egg butty - preferably with two small eggs if there are no large ones to hand - on a large soft roll with rakes of salted butter and ketchup was food of the gods for the morning after.

    Out on the lash till gone ten, back home after midnight, up at half six, roll eaten by half seven, ready to work at half eight.

    Blinding stuff.

    Steven R

    PS: Stories like this are why I come back to El Reg every day.

  15. David Bell

    El Reg posting Vetting.

    How the hell did

    "Now they can cure the veggies

    By Gordon Pryra Posted Tuesday 7th April 2009 11:38 GMT

    Can they use this research to help cure the gays?"]

    Get through, how long will Gordon Pryra still have an account on El Reg and who at the Reg is going to get a bollocking for this?

  16. Yorkshirepudding
    Thumb Up

    3 year uni study

    led me to the same conclusion! nice crispy bacon, some cheese brown sauce = epic win customise to your needs

  17. Mark

    re: Now they can cure the veggies

    They already get their portion of pork via other means...

  18. Philip J.F. Quinlan
    Thumb Up

    Forget source and too lazt to Google

    Meat is murder, but a bacon sarnie is justifiable homicide;)

    I now have plans for the post-(traditional Good Friday piss up )-breakfast

    PS. Does any other civilised nation pander to Christians to the extent that it is illegal to sell alcohol while the Christians are mourning the death of an itinerant Jewish philosopher?

  19. Niall Campbell

    Who needs a hangover cure?

    Personally speaking, I'm one of the blessed few who doesn't suffer from hangovers anymore.

    Probably due to large quantities of alcohol being imbibed over a number of years. For those not blessed with this ability, my recommendation in avoiding them is to stay pissed!

  20. Andy Barber

    @ Justin

    Yes, it was a Pork pie that got me off being a three year vegetarian! My son went Vegetarian for six months but the smell of bacon broke him as well!

    Mines the one with Vegetarian Epicure by Rose Elliot in the pocket.

  21. lansalot

    @David Bell

    "how long will Gordon Pryra still have an account on El Reg and who at the Reg is going to get a bollocking for this?"

    I'm guessing nobody will get a bollocking. It was clearly tagged as a joke. Grow up, and get a sense of humour along the way.

    (That's me, speaking on behalf of the whoopsies - who will no doubt be reading the Hello! website instead of el Reg, of course)

  22. Damn Yank


    What is in the 'brown sauce'?

  23. fishman


    One of the best ways to reduce a hangover is to drink water before going to bed. If I've had a few to drink, I'll have a couple of glasses of water before I sleep to hydrate me. Alcohol dehydrates, and part of the hangover is due to the dehydration.

  24. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re: Now they can cure the veggies

    @Gordon Pryra

    " Can they use this research to help cure the gays? "

    Topless busty blondes frying bacon. If that don't turn 'em, nothing will.

    @David Bell

    You know, I think he was taking a satirical poke at last week's news. I'm not, though... I'm just enjoying the image of topless busty blondes serving me freshly cooked, thin-sliced pig buttock on thick-cut fresh bread....

  25. Nicholas EGF Berry

    Bad news for porkers

    I take exception to 'bad news for porkers'. There are two types of pig; porker pigs, bred for pork, and baconer pigs, bred for bacon. So that should be 'bad news for baconers'.

  26. Chief Engineer

    Double Whammy

    Bacon and Egg buttie IN TOASTED white bread WITH Irn Bru.

    Instant recovery

  27. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Sex Change ?

    He knew 3 vegetarians ... did he ? Elin might not appreciate the inference that she's undergone gender reassignment surgery -

    Not so much Paris as the question mark !

  28. Andy Neale

    re: El Reg posting Vetting

    @David Bell...get a sense of humour...

  29. Sarah Bee (Written by Reg staff)

    Re: Now they can cure the veggies

    Yes. Since Gordon was having a little stab at satire/absurdism, there will be no execution today, nor a bollocking for me. I know it must look to you lot like these threads just unspool freely across the internet, but I am always here, ever (well, mostly) vigilant, sifting and considering and jumping on any unexploded hate-bombs. I'm not infallible by any means, but clearly that comment was not hateful. It was merely daft. An important distinction.

  30. Stephen

    Bacon the Veggie buster!

    The smell of cooking Bacon when my sister came around one day was what finally broke her from being a veggie as well.

    Bacon is the veggie buster!

  31. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    "What about... the salts in the bacon replacing the lost electrolights as well?"

    Nah, you'll just need to change the bulbs. Must have been the indoor cricket (you don't remember?).

    Maybe it'll help with the electrolytes though.

  32. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Actually I find swimming in the ocean is the most effective cure. You can go from green and queasy with a banging headache to feeling fine in literally seconds.

    Problem is that the hangover comes back when you return to dry land. Perhaps if you take the bacon sarnie into the sea, it'll sort out that problem?

  33. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    Centre for Life in Newcastle?

    WTF is the "Centre for Life in Newcastle"? What clever piece of research have they done on this? Which peer-reviewed journal has it appeared in? Or is this some random "scientist" making another unsubstantiated PR statement.

    Not, you understand, that I am against bacon sarnies. Had a few last Sunday meself.

    Mine's my pigskin jacket that is too small around the waist.

  34. David Bell
    Paris Hilton

    I dont know about Gays, but they do cure sense of humour loss.....

    Ok so I messed up, but a bacon sarnie later and I am back.

    Missed the story last week, so missed the implied reference.

    So apologies to Gordon Pryra specifically and a general sorry to everyone else.

    Paris, cos, well everyone makes mistakes.............

  35. Sarah Bee (Written by Reg staff)

    Re: @Sarah Bee

    Thanks David. Now we can all explore outer space together in peace for all eternity. (Yes, I've been reading 'Love All The People'.)

  36. greg

    Old news

    Surely the hardcore drinkers among us would have already figured this out for themselves... I've been eating bacon sarnies to get rid of hangovers for years!

  37. Anonymous Coward

    Mmm...Bacon Porn

    Mine's the one with "Please Use a Defibrolator" on the back...

  38. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    For those of us in the USA...

    I've always found a nice greasy McDonald's breakfast to be just the ticket. Sausage McMuffin with egg and hash browns does the trick every time. I feel that numerous times this combination has very nearly saved my life (while possibly shortening it as well, how ironic)

  39. Anonymous Coward

    The Best Cure For A Hangover... prevention.

    Don't get drunk.

    I know, I know. It's the one with the white collar and the Bible in the pocket, thanks...

  40. Sarah Bee (Written by Reg staff)

    Re: The Best Cure For A Hangover...

    Drink water between doses of booze. Then, have bacon sarnie to reward self for dodging hangover. Win/win.

  41. Simon Ball

    @Damn Yank

    Brown Sauce is the generic term for a variety of malt-vinegar based spiced fruit condiments sold in the UK. Usually it refers to HP (Houses of Parliament) sauce, which has about 70% of this market. The closest US analogue would probably be A1 steak sauce, although HP is much less obviously fruity.

  42. Martin

    My Extensive Research Finds In Favour

    I think bacon sarnies definitely form a key element of drinking recovery. The inclusion of a 'ready to burst' fried egg is practically mandatory as well - and it is for this reason that McD's has got to be a no-no - that re-hashed shite they call an egg just doesn't do the necessary, IMHO!

    To possibly back up the medicinal claims for the sea - I find fresh cold mountain air is very helpful the morning after the night before, which is further aid to the bacon sandwich. I have in the past smuggled large quantities of English bacon through customs to ensure a 'proper' sandwich is available for aprés-ski recovery.

    I have had it argued that a whiff or three of hard alcohol ("the sharpener") assists as well - I have not been convinced by the so-called medical explanations for this (usually along the theme of jump-starting the system etc), but when in need, I am not going to refuse on the grounds of a lack of empirical evidence...

  43. Frank

    @fishman re. Hangovers

    I'm well aware of the theory here and all the scientific and anecdotal evidence. My problem with it is the waking up at 3am and laying there for 30 minutes, wondering why I can't get to sleep, before I eventually realise that i want to go to the bathroom.

    Sod the water, I'll wait until next morning and use it to help get the paracetamol down my throat.

  44. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Hair of the Dog

    I saw this on the Bacon Porn page.

    Bacon vodka:

  45. Anonymous Coward

    Sarah Bee

    I love that you've got getting drunk then breakfast on your mind.

  46. Simon C

    Re: The Best Cure For A Hangover...

    @Sarah Bee

    Drink Appletise or some apple based carbonated liquid between booze

    1) avoiding the hangover

    2) tell mates it cider, extra brownie points for allegedly mixing drinks

    3) have bacon sarnie as reward


  47. Sarah Bee (Written by Reg staff)

    Re: Sarah Bee

    Quiet you.

  48. Anonymous Coward

    Why bother drinking?

    You never need an excuse for eating bacon. Even the pigs themselves are fully committed...

    Oh, wait....

  49. Damn Yank

    @Simon Ball

    Thanks! I saw plenty of HP sauce on the tables during a trip to Ireland last Easter... But didn't know what it was.


    In Hawaii, I've seen SPAM on the McDonald's breakfast menus. Spam, eggs and rice! That'll jump start your day... (no, I didn't try it)

  50. Anonymous Coward

    The best thing for a hangover ....

    ... is drinking heavily the night before (from one of PTerry's books, I think - don't recall which though)

    I was vegetarian for 7 years before I was 'cured' by a ham sandwich on a cycling trip to France. Well, it was either that or starve ...

    The best bacon sandwich, however, is one cooked by someone else and consists of bread, fried sliced pig *and nothing else*. Sauce of any kind is an abomination unto Nuggan.

    Here endeth the lesson :-)

  51. david wilson


    >>"but did meet one whose resistance finally failed when faced with a particularly fine Scotch egg."

    Does such a thing actually exist?

    I thought that even finding an edible one was fairly unlikely.

  52. David

    Old knowledge!

    Well, I knew this all the time, of course. Many years of bacon sarney sampling have proved their worth. Should be a nice big mug of tea to go with it, though.

  53. Anonymous Coward

    Ms Bee

    Off topic perhaps, but it's good to hear from you Ms Bee - call me gullable, but I really did wonder if we'd lost you for good the other day .... your post was very convincing!

  54. jake Silver badge

    Lisa Loeb & Dweezle Zappa

    The Food Network briefly ran a show called "Dweezle & Lisa" ... it was pretty much as silly as you imagine such a thing would be. Watchable (if you are a foodie, which I am), but fairly vacuous. ANYway, the reason I bring it up is because in the opening sequence of each episode, Lisa admitted to sneaking bacon into her otherwise vegetarian diet.

    Back in the day, when I was known to sample entirely too much beer, I generally used the water the night before & bacon sarnie in the morning method. Seemed to work for me. These days, I rarely have time for more than a beer or two, or glass of wine or two.

  55. jake Silver badge

    david wilson

    "Does such a thing actually exist?"

    Make 'em yourself, it's not difficult. I usually make a couple dozen with my homemade venison sausage meat whenever I fire up the deep fryer for something else. The field hands get three each, the foreman and his wife & kids get a couple each, and the wife and I try to hide the rest for ourselves :-)

  56. Eric Hood

    Grease forever

    I have been doing just that for years. Nothing like bacon when you are careless enough to get hung-over a friend was hung-over and miserable, I badgered her to eat the greasy bacon roll and surprise, surprise the nastiness went away, she has never forgotten it.

  57. Damn Yank


    Recipe please!

    I've got some venison sausage (well, kielbasa and brats) in the freezer... (from a hunter friend)

  58. jake Silver badge

    No IT angle, but what the hell.

    1lb sausage meat, raw

    4 large hard-cooked eggs, peeled

    Kikkoman Panko-style bread crumbs (or any other bread crumb).

    Envelope eggs in a quarter pound of meat, roll in crumbs, deep fry at 375 until golden brown. Don't add so many eggs that the oil temp drops below about 360 or so, over 365 preferred. USE A CALIBRATED THERMOMETER! Drain well on brown paper.

    You can shallow fry them, it works well, but makes a mess.

    I usually eat one hot, just to make sure I got it right (chef's perogative), but they are usually refrigerated & eaten cold, often with salad. The hands like one for desert after lunch. The foreman likes one with a beer after a long day, before shower & dinner.

    I often spike the Panko with chipotle powder, YMMV. (I don't usually get too heavy in the spicing with the bambi sausage, because I like the taste of venison all by itself ... and its easy enough to add before cooking. Can always add more, can't remove it.)

    I use the Kikkoman brand because it's palm oil free, long story.

  59. Maty
    Thumb Up

    whisky and water

    Rehydrate as you dehydrate. Try to remember to add two asprin before you go to bed (your brain also needs the anti-inflammatory effect) and you are ready for a fry-up in the morning.

    (Though in my case a veggie fry-up as its been two decades since I ate anything with a face.)

  60. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Granny knows best

    Well, mine did anyway, and delivered, without tedious scientific explanation, the perfect bacon sarnie as it was intended to be; lightly grilled sliced pig between two slices of properly buttered crusty white bread, no sauce, no NuLab health rubbish.

    I've known good number of veggies cured by the bacon sarnie, usually on a saturday morning, with a bad, bad head.

    Quite a few Jewish friends also take the pragmatic view that god was a little over zealous with the rules and may well have meant for them to be bent occasionally.

  61. Dr Patrick J R Harkin

    Meat is murder

    But a bacon sandwich is justifiable homicide...

  62. NoOnions

    Vampire-proof hangover cure

    Back in the day when I worked at Pizza Express* I stumbled across this mighty cure:

    Cup of black filter coffee

    Garlic bread PE style

    Not sure anyone else liked me having garlic bread at 9am, but it worked!


    * No, I don't work for them now.

  63. Peter Kay

    Bacon is overrated

    I'll grant that it can occasionally be ok after drinking too much, but it leaves me cold most of the rest of the time.

    Now, a sausage sandwich and a bit of black pudding and you're talking!

  64. John Angelico

    @Damn Yank @ Simon Ball

    HP Sauce - one brand

    Worcestershire Sauce - generic name (in Oz at least).

    Usually pronounced Wot's is here, Sauce?

  65. Law

    close... but not bacon

    I was broken by bbq spare ribs.... eventually after sneakily having them a few times, I decided I was living a lie and started eating cows, birds and other tasty animals!! :)

  66. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    olfactory bulb

    A smell can bring on a flood of memories, because the olfactory bulb is part of the brain's limbic system, an area so closely associated with memory and feeling it's sometimes called the "emotional brain," smell can call up memories and powerful responses almost instantaneously.

    Not sure I want reminding of that humongous bender the next time I make a bacon sarnie.

    Paris - because I would like stimulate her olfactory bulb.

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