back to article Workplace dispute laws change today

The way workplace disputes are handled will change from Monday. The Government's scrapping of the statutory grievance and disciplinary procedures is just one of the law changes that will come into effect on 6th April. The Government introduced a strict protocol for workplace disputes in 2004, forcing employers to go through …


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  1. Matt W


    But before we get excited, it's worth pointing out that if you already get public holidays as paid days off, this does not increase your annual leave entitlement.

  2. Seán

    About time

    The sooner the tug the forelock thankee boss attitude is done away with the better. The uhmerican attitude of kissing the bosses feet for allowing you to work is all very well if you're just an american but in the civilised world we're brighter than that. If the boss isn't making more money from an employee than he's paying out the company won't be round for long.

    At the same time all the rights given to chicksa these days makes them practically impossible to hire.

  3. Charlie
    Paris Hilton

    28 days hols a year

    Does that include the bank holidays?

    I've been on 20 days for a long time and think maybe I've been short changed on hols for some time. Any chance of a retrospective claim?

    Paris coz I'm feeling entitled to some more leisure time

  4. Matthew

    28days' leave?

    I'm fairly confident that this will exclude public holidays. So the net effect is no change for the vast majority of us: our employers will start to include these in the numbers.

  5. Dominic Bradbury
    Thumb Down


    Yes, I have.

  6. Anonymous Coward

    Better than nothing

    I remember people working at my last company on 20 days a year, but they didn't include Bank Holidays. I guess even though it's no change for me, the potential to screw workers holidays is much more difficult. It is a bit annoying that companies can set some or all holiday days to work round shut down periods.

    Trying to get my coat, but my employer won't let me go.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    28hols a year

    i suppose this depends on how much you enjoy your job, i get about 31 days a year and have work constantly pestering me as i barely ever take any of it.

    is it wrong to like what you do! I think they'd be better off making it all more flexible, more holiday if you want, but less if you don't. I know some places let you buy and sell holidays, but it's never at a particularly nice rate, and generally needs to be agreed a year in advance.

  8. John Latham

    @28hols a year

    "i suppose this depends on how much you enjoy your job, i get about 31 days a year and have work constantly pestering me as i barely ever take any of it."

    This indicates either that you love your job, or are a sad bastard who has no life outside work.

    Take your pick.

  9. David Wilkinson

    I'm confused by the right to request flexible hours?

    I am an American so the whole employees having rights beyond the freedom to find employment elsewhere is a bit foreign to me.

    Surely you have the right to request anything you want? I am guessing there is also some corresponding obligation to satisfy the request for flexible hours?

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