back to article Terry Pratchett cuts ribbon on Treacle Mine Road

Sir Terry Pratchett yesterday dropped in on a new Somerset housing estate where two roads have been named in honour of his Discworld novels. Some 30 residents of the Kingwell Rise development in Wincanton will in future be able to boast they live on either Peach Pie Street or Treacle Mine Road - an agreeable result of the town …


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  1. David Bell

    Great News

    But he still has a way to go to beat Tolkien.......

    I cant believe the planners got away with this in Essex......,0.603433&spn=0.009095,0.015428&z=16

  2. Andy ORourke

    Good job they didnt choose.........

    The street of negotiable affections.

    I am guessing many Reg Readers wouldnt mind living on the Street of Cunning Artificers :-)

  3. Code Monkey


    But the real treacle mines are in Pendle, Lancashire (the county that also gave Pratchett the Lancre Witches and Alice Nutter from Good Omens)!

  4. Andy Taylor

    Lancastrian Treacle Mines?

    I thought the treacle mines were in Tadley, Hampshire. Close to the Atomic Weapons Establishment, I'm sure Sir Terry will have heard of them thanks to his nuclear connections.

  5. Anonymous Coward

    Twinned with Ankh Morpork?

    I've a feeling you may not want some of the livelier residents of that city on too many exchange visits!

    Still a tie-up between the local colleges and Unseen University could have some interesting results...

  6. The Librarian



  7. Nick Kew
    Gates Horns

    Coincidence, or ....

    The ex-mayor is caller Winder! Well, that's a stronger Ankh-Morpork connection than a few street names! Either he's got a bloody good sense of humour or he's not read the books!

    Someone should check whether these roads have the right cobblestones.

  8. Edward Miles

    Should have called one...

    Dagon Street. Then I could have gone and opened the "Three Jolly Luck Take Away Fish Bar" on the site of a former fish-god temple during the night of a full moon. Nothing could go wrong with that!

  9. mitch



  10. Chris Osborne

    I just looked up treacle mining...

    ...on wikipedia

    It mentions treacle mines in Maidstone, Kent.

    Turns out that my mother wasn't mad when she told me about the Tovil treacle mines all those years ago :)

  11. Anonymous Coward

    As a Pratchett fan...

    ...I shall be looking forward to seeing the uprooted road signs on eBay the day after they're installed.

  12. Fluffykins Silver badge


    Millenniumn hand and foot

  13. George Forth
    Thumb Up

    Re: Lancashire

    It's Agnes, not Alice, Code Monkey, if we're going to be nice and accurate. :-)

    It's all perfectly divine. Next is to rename whole districts. Dolly Sisters, anyone?

  14. William Towle
    Thumb Up

    Re: photo


    I liked Metro's better:

  15. Mike Groombridge

    well we in essex already had tracle mine roundabout

    I love the discworld books ready them all and good omens too.

    i second the call for a Dagon Street. just so i could have go watch watch what happened, but where are you going to find a street with a former fish god temple we can rename so you can build your fish bar on. (of ourse all the owner left behind was kdiney and a earlobe but i'm sure an igor can find a use for them )

    I think the Agony Aunts, Sadie and Dotsie would fit right in in some regions of essex, infact they would probable bring the crime right down and i met lots of blokes who could be C.M.O.T dibbler of for that matter any of his relations on many a essex market. (my favourite is Disembowel-Meself-Honourably Dibhala) i could make some joke about essex Librarians at this point... but i'll just get my coat it's the one with the banana in the pocket

  16. Christoph

    @ George Forth

    Since Short Street is the longest street in Ankh-Morpork, perhaps we should rename Watling Street?

  17. Pete

    @Dave Bell

    I heard that the Tolkein estate guards it's IP jealousy, for instance asking £1m for the right to use the name "The Tolkein" for pub JRR used to frequent. My nipper occasionaly plays football at the school field in Gandalf's Ride, how the hell did they get away with that?!?

  18. Anonymous Coward

    An objection from the Linguists Union

    I hear the "Street of Cunning Artificers" was dropped because of objections from the Linguists' Union - something about "equal time".

    Mine's the deep purple jacket....

  19. Yorkshirepudding
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    not a discworld fan...

    ...but i cannot deny its wonderful mass appeal, and its a fantastic story i wouldnt mind some more crazy street names, diagon ally anyone?

    there is a garden centre near ours called rivendell how the tolken estate missed that ill never know

  20. Nigel
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    But if you really hate the developers

    I'd suggest feeding them "Perdido Street" and some others from that book, and hope that no-one spots the references until it's too late.

  21. G R Goslin

    Tadley Treacle Mines

    There were definitely treacle mines in Tadley, in the 50's, when I was at school in Basingstoke. The place was famous for them.

  22. Paul Cooper


    Because Gandalf isn't unique to Tolkien, or even original with him. The name "Gandalf" was used by William Morris in "The Well at the World's End" in 1896. So, I doubt if the Tolkien estate could claim IPR on the name Gandalf without other LOTR associations.

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