back to article Open-source .NET gets AJAX polish

The open-source implementation of Microsoft's .NET development framework is getting some AJAX spit and polish from interface specialist Telerik. Telerik, which builds re-usable software components and is a partner of Microsoft and Borland, has announced that its RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX now supports Mono. This brings a …


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  1. Roger Williams
    Gates Horns

    Sorry, Miguel

    While I admire Miguel's skill as a software developer, it seems that he's either very naive (or disingenuous) in his summary dismissal of the community's well-founded concerns about the dangers of Microsoft's shared source license and refusal to guarantee access to the .NET patents.

  2. golverd

    .NET benefits?

    Yeah, I remember .NET. It gave me 3 different visual studio versions which were incompatible with another, and the troubles in getting programmers in with the 'right' version. But hey, the .NET frameworks were incompatible too. Very nice. We can now savely distribute 32kb applications that only require the latest SP and 32 Mb of framework stuff. Cool.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    Not more Mono crap

    Stop pissing around with crap like Telerik and get one with actually implementing the .Net interface. No wonder most of the code is just stubs if they are wasting their time on crap like this.

    Still, I guess it explains a lot of Gnome issues. He must have aimed for style-over-substance there too.

  4. John Smith Gold badge

    Compatible until MS breaks it

    Lowering the friction required to move apps from Windows is one way to ease the process of selling Linux to managements as a viable server host.

    Microsoft know this. I suspect this 3rd party has been a lot more helpful to Mono's developers than MS have, beyond selling them a set of manuals.

    MS have know for decades that controlling their interfaces (and choosing when and how they change them) is a key tool to stopping anyone moving. A frozen interface is a copyable interface and hence offers potential for migration.

    If they do see re-hosting (IE windows licensing from big users drops as they re-host) expect the usual MS responses. MS can innovate (well they can buy someone who can innovate) when they want to. Expect a new .Net spec with some new features (probably ones developers have been clamouring for for years) and some pointless stuff which will waste developer time all with various parameter orders shuffled but which will break Mono quite effectively for some time.

    Mine will be the one with various inside Microsoft books in the pockets.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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