back to article Xbox 360 update released

Unwilling to let Sony steal all the limelight with its newly unveiled PlayStation 3 firmware update, Microsoft too has launched new software for its console. Microsoft staffer Major Nelson said on the official Xbox 360 blog that the system update for the console has just been released, so next time you sign into Xbox Live you’ …


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  1. Rob Mason


    I'm hoping that the 'interruptions' include why i get disconnected from ranked matches in GTA4 but not in normal player matches....

  2. Alex

    Pay up

    Rob, I would ask for some money back if you are! It's a paid-for service...

  3. Chris

    April Xbox 360 update corrupts Banjo - Nuts and Bolts save games!


  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Not just that game

    It's corrupted 3 of my games....

    Another Xbox untested and featuresless update

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