back to article White wine stains your teeth too

Dental boffins in New York have carried out groundbreaking research indicating that white wine, counterintuitively, stains your teeth. No, really. The new research was carried out by Dr Mark Wolff, prof at the New York University College of Dentistry, and Cristina M Dobrescu, a third-year student. The two dentists, rather …


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  1. Simon
    Thumb Up

    No problem

    Just use a straw to bypass the teeth.

    I find what works is a really long flexible straw that runs all the way from the one litre "wine in a bag" sitting in your office drawer.

    If you want a really good gravity assisted boost then sitting under the desk below the lever of the drawer helps you to drink faster.

    What me? You say I have a problem?

  2. Efros

    Long been

    a source of amusement that onanism is so close to oneophile.


  3. Code Monkey


    'Immersing teeth in white wine for one hour "is similar to the effect of sipping the wine with dinner"'

    If it is then I'm never having dinner with these (verry ill-mannered) boffins.

    Drinking wine with dinner for normal people is more like the teeth get an occassional splash of wine which is then washed off by food and saliva. After dinner most of us would clean our teeth before hitting the sack.

    This study is utter bunk and whatever time it took could've been more usefully spent watching Cash in the Attic or something.

  4. Sooty

    i'd love to be invided to dinner

    by this lot if sipping wine with dinner results in an hours continual contact with your teeth. They must get through masses of food over several hours

  5. Edward Miles


    "The University statement isn't entirely clear, but it seems probable that the teeth were no longer attached to cows during the experiments."

    That made me giggle. thanks for making pre-pub time on a Friday more bearable!

  6. James Hughes



    Once again, people get paid to research the the bleeding obvious. WW is acidic, is that news??

    And, can someone explain how keep a tooth immersed in WW for 1hr is similar to taking sips of it during a meal? Doesn't seem very likely to me, but hey, if anyone knows I more than happy to learn!

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "use a toothpaste containing a whitening agent"

    Who cares? Bloody Americans.

  8. Tim

    I want to be a scientist.....

    And make blindingly obvious statements.

    If you want white teeth, use whitening toothpaste.....

    Can i propose that if you want to survive a fall from an aircraft, you should use a parachute? Where is my research grant? I will test the effects of a cow being pushed out of an aircraft with a parachute, and a "control" cow, which can only use methods available to a regular cow (flapping of hooves and using its soft udders to break the fall). I will conduct these experiments from 12000 feet so as not to endanger the crew with hypoxia, obviously.

    I will then publish the results, based on survivability and claim my place in science. I may even get a nobel prize out of it!

  9. Donal Gavin
    Thumb Down


    Who cares!!!

  10. Anonymous Coward

    So in fact...

    ... white wine doesn't stain your teeth at all. Tea and coffee does.

  11. Adam Foxton
    Dead Vulture

    So it doesn't actually stain your teeth

    the headline here is a far less impressive "black coffee stains teeth".

    Or is it "University of the bloody obvious declare that acids erode enamel"?

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    At the risk of upsetting Sarah ...

    "carried out their experiments on the teeth of some cows"

    so they used those 2 litre bottles of Lambrusco then?

  13. Liam Johnson


    Beer is much better, nowhere near as acidic as white wine!

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    This is why...

    ...I never have coffee after a meal with wine.

    Well, that and the fact that I'd normally still be finishing the wine.

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I have a cunning plan to get around this


  16. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Never mind...

    ..I'll just rinse with domestos afterwards.

  17. Mark Edwards

    Sod that ...

    What I want to know about is the "Toxicology of Bovine Ingestion of Large Quantities of Ethanol" ... or what happens when a cow gets pissed.

    /the one with the Camelback of Stowells Chablis stitched into the lining

  18. Bad Beaver

    Acids found to be corrosive!

    In other headlines: Pope catholic, water wet!

    We need a NO SHIT, SHERLOCK! button.

  19. Anonymous Coward

    Masticating Cows

    Any excuse to watch cows masticating.

  20. Dr O'Pfickse-Dwydth
    Thumb Down


    Surely the best way to avoid wine staining your teeth is to drink something else instead........

  21. Lottie


    Black tea after drinking wine leads to staining.

    Well duh!!!

    A more pertinent test would be to see if chili sauce stains your teeth if drinking Thunderbird whilst eating a kebab.

  22. Colin Barfoot

    a former cow writes

    Before the op in the early 80s I was a cow. Owing to lack of entertainment a herd of us used to hang around field corners knocking back bottles of liebfraumilch. But with our grassy diet and constant mouthful of saliva our teeth were fabulous.

    As is typical in drinking tragedies such as this I fell on hard times and was forced to sell my precious gnashers to Hollywood. All the gummy stars there would rent whenever they needed a sparkling smile.

    So any youngsters out there looking for celebrity-style mouthware should ignore advice about fancy whitening agents and eat grass!

  23. Anonymous Coward

    Today's Headlines

    People were (apparently) astonished today when scientists revealed that the colour of food or drink bears little relationship to its effect on teeth, dispelling the (apparently) widely-held belief that things of the same colour are naturally immune to one another.

    Also in tonight's programme, we interview the Pope on his (apparently surprising) recent pro-Catholic comments, and a bear about his preferred toilet locations (apparently, it's mostly forests).

  24. Anonymous Coward

    There I was, innocently reading a scientific discoure, when..

    "but it seems probable that the teeth were no longer attached to cows during the "


    Drinking white wine while reading this was a mistake. You guys owe me a keyboard!

  25. ShaggyDoggy


    I am happy with my teeth

    They are not pearly white

    They do their job well

    Which is all I can ask.

  26. Peyton

    Well I found it surprising

    I didn't know white wine was that acidic... But I make no claims at being mind-numbingly brilliant -_-;

    Found it more surprising that a dentist would say the solution to acid eating away at your teeth is whitening toothpaste - dentists are usually all about prevention.

  27. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Shurley shome mishtake

    You must mean:

    The wages of vin!

    Paris, 'cos she's a corker

  28. Eddy Ito

    Faux pas, me thinks

    Ha, showed themselves to be bloody fools. Everyone knows that it's black tea and red wine, if your doing white wine, it's green tea. Ho ho. Oh it is truly too funny. What will they think of next? Perhaps a study that determines Dover sole stains your teeth when followed by a cabernet? LOL

  29. Lord-a-miytee

    Erm, dental research?

    By Mr. Wolff?

    Am I pointing out the elephant in the room?

  30. lglethal Silver badge

    This is a bunk study

    Have these people never heard of the affect of saliva (which as there dentists they really should have!). Saliva neutralises the acid in wine (and basically anything else that goes in your mouth), and so guess what it stops being acidic! Wow who would have guessed.

    And seriously who holds a mouth full of wine for an hour? If the wine is ever in my mouth for more then a few seconds before it passes to the regions below something is seriously wrong!

    This is crap science and can we please have the address for the university who funded this, so we can point out the crap science and prevent this wanker getting any more money to waste on stupid studies! I hope the student fails her thesis for this! (Yes im harsh, but we do not need more university level dumbasses!)

  31. Anonymous Coward

    Gin and Vodka

    By scientific elimination, the only safe drinks are gin and vodka. And probably water if it's fizzy and comes in an expensive bottle. But if you're at work, don't overdo the water, people will start talking.

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