back to article MSI names UK date, price for 'hybrid' netbook

MSI has finally announced when its netbook incorporating both a solid-state drive and hard disk will arrive in Blighty. MSI U115 MSI's U115: has a 160GB HDD and an 8GB SSD The Wind U115 – first seen back in January – will feature a 160GB HDD and an 8GB SSD. There’s no mention of a 16GB SSD and 120GB HDD alternative set-up …


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  1. Tom Chiverton

    Xp ?!?

    What, no Linux ?

  2. Bassey

    £500? Seriously

    £500? Seriously?

  3. Adam
    Thumb Down


    Course not, damn thing is 500 notes. Who in their right mind would pay that for a netbook?

  4. David Gosnell

    Re: £500? Seriously

    No, £499. That pound makes all the difference in these recession-busting times...

    What are MSI on?! On a scale of 0 to insane, this is stark raving bonkers.

    As a netbook price-point, £200 is where it's at for something to aspire (sic) to.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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