back to article Bigger Indigo - shades of AT&T's NCR grab

Rumor has it that IBM will acquire Sun Microsystems on Friday morning. I am not by any means suggesting I have the kind of hard information that the Wall Street Journal seems to have been able to get its hands on - probably from people within Sun or IBM who don't want to see the deal go through. I am hearing things fourth hand …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Two garbage trucks?

    Maybe this time it's a garbage truck colliding with the tip?

  2. Anonymous Coward

    It will not happen

    Interesting how every report on this refer back to the wall street journal. There is no other independent source on this information other than speculation on other peoples speculation.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    "...unlikely that the Antitrust Division...would make much noise..."

    It kinda runs contrary to what I would have thought, but I guess that's naivety on my part.

    Anyone care to explain this rationale behind this further?

    Genuinely curious.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Gates Halo

    WSJ - how much SUN stock they hold ?

    if the deal doesnt go through can WSJ be legally challenged for spreading rumours and helping HP to boost sales and making the stock volatile ? Strange enough HP busy circulating every article about this rumour to potential customers of IBM & SUN

  5. amanfromMars Silver badge

    Invest NI.... Networks InterNetworking

    "And what if IBM was just window shopping all along, so it could get a look at all the goodies inside of Sun?"

    Quite so, Timothy, a Sneaky Intellectual Property raid on Future Competition Potential. And that would suggest that IBM are Vulnerable to Networks InterNetworking Javan Applications ....which it most certainly is, although they are not alone in that Rocking and Rolling Boat in a Stormy CScape/FundaMental DEnvironment ........" "It seems to me that most of the "new" programming languages fall into one of two categories: Those from academia with radical new paradigms and those from large corporations with a focus on RAD and the web. Maybe it's time for a new language born out of practical experience implementing compilers." -- Michael " .....

    In fact, the craft is sinking quickly because of its rotten and full of holes hull and all of the dead weight/top brass useless parasitic heavy management ...... Phishing for the Sharks that Circle and now Corral them?

    It is interesting to consider the Present /Recent Past Global Difficulties which to Some, with more than a Number of Lifetimes Dynamic Experience of Private Event Public Troubles/Public Event Private Troubles/Provisional and Proprietary Pirate Actions, would be Easily Resolved and Solved, with Universal Virtual Forces in AI with Immaculately Resourced Assets as a Fully Recognised and Virtualised Deja-Vu ........ with it being nothing more than a "Been there, done that, got the Mickey Mouse T-Shirt and have moved on to Beta Things" Re-Run with its Experienced Great Game Players.

    And yes, you can Most dDefinitely XXXXPect that to be an Emerald Gem Engaging with Slow Witted and Dumb Ignorant Government, in Order to Energise AI NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActive Programs and ProgramMING in NIRobotIQs, for it would be as if to Invite the Anger of the Mob to Destroy the System's Top Tiers, should it be discovered/proven/shared that Silence on the Matter and dDOS were Thought the Smarter Option in Arrogant Cabals Conspiring to Distribute Global Wealth amongst Themselves for Themselves rather than as a Service IntelAIgently ReDesigned to Server IT to Everybody.

    And the Jolly Roger because it's Spring time too and Thoughts always turn to Parisian Pleasures and CodeXSSXXXX Universal Delights ? O-la-la :-)

    But we've been here innumerable times before, only to Fall and Fail and Falter at the Perly Gate, whenever All you Need is Love is the Magical Mystery Turing Key which Unlocks the Secrets of the Universe and ITs Heavenly Stores Doors. However, this time around, have we the Benefit of Instant Global Communications Compilers in Head Quarters ....... for Ground Zero Impact and Maximum Utility Effect.

    And you can fully Expect there to be a Highly MODified and Impregnably Guarded, XXXXStreamly Aware Astute Version in Command 42 Control, to Ensure Stealthy Security which IT is Assured, One will never Wish to Sanely Engage with, such are their Discerning Passionate Remit and Discretionary Absolute Powers ..... Readily Available Tools for Instant Service Provision .

    I trust in Global Operating Devices that that is not at all Ambiguous, even should you choose not to Understand and Believe it, for that would be the Hurdle you would be confronted with/you would be confronting yourself with.

  6. Anonymous Coward

    Rumour, Rumour.

    What are your sources? A crystal ball? It's all speculation with little facts.

  7. Matt Bryant Silver badge

    RE: WSJ - how much SUN stock they hold ?

    "if the deal doesnt go through can WSJ be legally challenged for spreading rumours...." Nope, not if they credit "unnamed sources", etc, etc, and make clear what they are posting is informed conjecture rather than concrete reality. I'm not a lawyer, but the WSJ article seems to include many of the traditional bum-protecting statements. They haven't said the deal is a definite, so anyone that makes a stock or systems purchase beleiveing the deal will go through based on the contents of their articles has no comeback. Come on, you don't really expect them journos to post just the untarnished, proven truth, do you?

    ".....and helping HP to boost sales and making the stock volatile ? Strange enough HP busy circulating every article about this rumour to potential customers of IBM & SUN" OK, skipping your obviously bitter belief that hp and the WSJ are somehow in cahoots, what do you expect? There is no law against repeating a rumour as long as you provide the source, it's the basis of many of the FUD attacks by all the vendors. It is the lack of denial from IBM and Sun, plus the news of previous Sun sales attempts such as that reported by Intel and the hp-Oracle failed joint bid, that have really given the matter legs.

    Given Sun's long history of FUDing all and sundry (even at-the-time "partner" companies like FSC and RedHat!), it would be very rich for Sun to complian. I'd be surprised if hp were using this on IBM accounts, it makes IBM look like the behemoth with cash to spare, but I can understand them using it to cast FUD on new Sun purchases. As to the existing Sun base, you can expect everyone - IBM, Dell, hp, Rackable, Uncle Tom Cobbley - are trying to get as much of a foothold as they can whilst Sun is so publicly struggling. Loosen up your Blindfold™, this is not some big conspiracy to destroy Sun, this is Sun destroying itself.

  8. Anonymous Coward

    I’m alright and so are my excutive staff

    regarding amanfromMars: What? Someone appears to have popped the cork a little early this Friday, oh hang on it’s midday - guess I should join in...

  9. Anonymous Coward

    amanfromMars and Matt Bryant

    Strange how AMFM and MB have the same writing style. One of them makes a bit more sense than the other, but other than that, they could be the same person.

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