back to article VMare floats April date for cloud launch

On April 21 VMware will announce its "next generation of virtualisation technology" with an event featuring VMware president and CEO Paul Maritz. It is being billed as another giant leap, one that will help make cloud computing a reality for the data centre. Cisco and Intel will also be taking part in the launch of what looks …


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  1. Tim Williams

    VMare ?

    Not sure i'm familiar with this company.

  2. Daniel

    Yeah. VMare

    Virtual Mare, mate!

    Takes a perfectly simple, and straight forward situation, turns it into a right mare, then puts it in a cloud, where you'll never track it down!

    Personally, I prefer Cory Doctorow's 'Virtual Uniorn' solution, myself: much more likely to see the light of day, than all this 'cloud' nonsense!

  3. AndyM

    For Real?

    hmmm, it is 1st April after all.

  4. Simon


    Where's your source of this information? None was given and as far as I can tell VMware haven't mentioned any such date.

    April Fools me thinks..

  5. Mike Laverick
    Jobs Horns

    Get off my cloud

    Well, there was a strong rumour at Canne this year - that a big announcement was expected in April. I had hoped that the vSphere4 Beta Program would have been made publicily open. It feels too soon for this annoucement to be the GA of vSphere4 - that's been rumoured to be at the end of Q2. As the vSphere program is not public - then perhaps Paul M will be using April to announce the opening of the Beta Program and some kind of vCloud offering. Seems to be flavour of the month to have a cloud offering...

    Mike Laverick

    RTFM Education

This topic is closed for new posts.

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