back to article Spd improves mobile TV experience

Spd, publishers of the shell UI that makes Windows Mobile an easier pill to swallow, have launched a stand-alone streaming TV player, offering great usability and features but not a lot in the way of content. Spd TV is a genuinely impressive TV viewing experience, with picture in picture, transparent, finger-friendly controls …


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  1. Sam


    The software is by SPB, B for Brilliant Winmo Software house

    NOT SPD, D for Dumbass reporter

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    mobile broadband and data charges

    Until we take landline and mobile broadband seriously in the UK (i.e. like investing in the future, regulating the sky high charges for mobile data and addressing the lack of capacity for mobile data)... then all mobile tv is futile.

  3. Tom

    picture in picture?

    On a 3" screen? More like Pixel in Picture I would think.

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