back to article LametopsLaptops Direct offers free funerals

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and UK computer outfit Laptops Direct today launched an initiative offering cashed-strapped punters the chance to give their loved ones the send-off they deserve: Well, we suppose it's better than dumping granny's body in the street. Those of you with relatives about to pop …


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  1. Enrico Vanni

    Captures the mood of the silent majority very well..

    There is no truth in the rumour Jade Goody's family have been the first to sign up (who mentioned moneygrubbers?!!)

  2. Steve John

    April 1st

    See title.

  3. mittfh

    Please tell me this is a fool...

    OK, the press release states 30th March, but would the company really sink this low?

  4. Toastan Buttar
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    Nice one

    Nice one

  5. harryhedgehog
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    sigh....the sign of our times

    nice one... maybe they will sponsor a care home bed as we start to decline?...or a hospital trolley when we are close to pegging it.

    great idea for the struggling masses.

  6. Stephen Rogers


    Had me for a second....

  7. Anonymous Coward

    What a day to launch this service

    anyone might think it was an April Fools Day joke.....

  8. Robert

    Very Funny

    I always did like a bit of dark humor. Nice job!

  9. Christoph

    Battery problems?

    I knew that exploding batteries were dangerous but I didn't realise it had got that bad.

  10. Flocke Kroes Silver badge

    April 1st Advert?

    A search for 'funeral' on finds no results, and a quick web search shows nothing realted.

    If they had commissioned this article as an advert, they could at least have put something on their site.

  11. Riscyrich
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    Headstone !

    Just love the anti-virus advert at the bottom...

  12. harryhedgehog
    Dead Vulture proves it is real!

    @ Flocke Kroes

    Look at the front page of

    Its advertised there in the centre of the screen...

    ...I've enquired already as my granny is fairly close to popping he clogs and it seems like a great deal. I even get a lappie if I take more than 10 options.

    Great deal LaptopsDirect, maybe the Reg could do something similar!!!

  13. Stu
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    Brilliant April Fools joke!

    I love the pic on the website with the funeral car adorned with the laptops direct logo on every window! Now that's class.

    "...She was a wonderful person, loved by many, and so we lay her dear soul to rest safe in the knowledge she has passed through the pearly gates to eternal peace and solitude. The good lord thanks Laptops Direct for this ceremony's sponsorship along with its generous church donations. Will you all now please rise and repeat after me - God bless Laptops Direct, *ahem* oh and the old woman I guess. Mmmyokay."

    Fantastic, cheered me up today no end! :-)

  14. MnM

    xbox are also doing their bit

    Sadly my grandparents are already dead, so I've missed out on this great offer. Anyway, check out a new take on guitar hero:

  15. Aaron Singh

    April Fools

    I'm guessing its an April Fools day joke?

  16. Anonymous Coward
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    No joke

    Triggered me into having no desire to deal with them. Lousy joke - I have lost too many family and friends, and had to organise a couple of funerals and the associated aftermath. But from the email header I was not absolutely sure that it did come from them - anyone else able to confirm?

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