back to article Competition Commission scuppers Capita takeover

Capita's takeover of IBS Opensystems Software has been stopped by the Competition Commission. The regulator is worried that, should the buyout go ahead, Capita would have an effective monopoly in benefits and revenue software for local authorities. This would allow the company to hike prices unfairly or reduce service levels …


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  1. Jord


    "This would allow the company to hike prices unfairly or reduce service levels."

    How can Crapita's service levels be reduced any further? What a fucking joke

  2. James Pickett
    Thumb Down

    About time

    Crapita has the most appalling record, yet (like EDS) remains the darling of the public sector. Their efforts to run the criminal records bureau has resulted in thousands of false positives (God knows how you correct one of those) and they won a £60m contract to run an NHS website! Who else was asked to tender for that - Croesus?

  3. Robert Ramsay


    when I read the title I thought that someone had tried to take over crapita and failed. There's a company which deserves to be shot through both lungs and thrown through the airlock.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Why don't the government...

    Make their own SIMS like system?

    Think about it. Sims costs about £2K a year and then £1.5K a year for support (Very needed).

    £3.5K per school.

    There's about 20,000 schools in England, so that's £70m a year spent on sims. (I know not all schools use sims, guesstimates)

    You give me £10m and I could easily produce software to rival sims and no doubt better it by far, with change.

    Then distribute this to every school free of charge. The savings would be huge.

  5. Anonymous Coward






    ibex staff should be sending the commisioner a bunch of flowers followed by a keg as a thank you

    thats one opressive regime you really don't want to be under

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Capita reduce services...

    Good one... I didn't think that they could reduce their level of service any further.

  7. Nic Brough

    probably a duplicate, but

    Crapita provide services? I knew I'd spot the Reg doing an April fool story today.

  8. Arnold Layne

    Missed opportunity

    They should have allowed it on condition the post-merger name was changed to IBS Crapita.

    Irritable Bowel Syndrome sums them up perfectly.

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