back to article iPhone slip serves up free 3G Skype calls

Daredevil iPhone users who've installed the latest development build of their firmware, version 3, have discovered an interesting side effect - free Skype calls over the 3G network. Apple has never made any secret of the fact it won't allow iPhone applications to make VoIP calls over 3G connections - that would upset the …


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  1. Dan

    Only temporary

    I've noticed that version 3 seems to report any network connection as Wifi - a bug, which will surely be fixed before too long.

  2. Matt
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    Or, on a jailbroken iPhone running the regular firmware, just install VoIPover3G - enables Wifi-only apps to work over 3G. Very nice!


  3. Dam

    Jailbreak much ?


    Wait, do you mean it does just what you can do on a jailbroken phone ?

    There's this little application which tricks the phone into thinking it's connected over wifi, even if you're using 3G, and which might or might not be available on Cydia.

    Not that I've ever tried it, my phone contract states I'm not to use VoIP over 3G, and I don't want them to slap me on the noggin -.-

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @ Matt

    thats a sweet little hint!! I might just re-jailbreak my iphone, as soon as i get my replacement one, my last one 'flew out of my hand' with disastrous consequences, unfortuantely it got hit in the one place it hurts - the powerswitch and camera area, so the switch got stuck inside and the cam broken, whoops!

  5. Matt

    Not so fast

    Ah, it seems that Skype is crashing jailbroken iPhones and there isn't currently a workaround:

    Back to using Truphone or Fring to make Skype calls - they work with VoIPover3G and backgrounder.



  6. rrs
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    Important solutions to the COMPLAINERS:

    Found on

    1. Complaining that you can’t use Skype on 3G using firmware 2.x?

    * Just Jailbreak your iphone and install voipover3g app from cydia. Jailbreakers will be able to save their minutes whenever they want because this app makes the iPhone think that it is on wifi all the time.

    2. Complaining that you can’t run skype in the background while using another application?

    * Just install backgrounder app from cydia on your jailbroken phone.

    read the rest on

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Black Helicopters

    Alert! Black Apples circling overhead, with guns!

    Conspiracy theory here: Apple is doing this on purpose to test their defenses. They are also allowing tethering on version 3.0 regardless of what operators mandate, by simply editing a settings file. If they allow Skype over 3G, it's because they want to test the response from a reduced number of users to this "feature", i.e. the authorized developers. They can then come to the operators and either say "see, it wasn't that bad", or "hell, we need to remove 3G altogether from the phone, dude!".

    The current 3.0 firmware is unstable to the point of making the phone unusable as your day-to-day device. It locks up, sounds don't play or are broken up, it suddenly starts heating up and drains the battery in minutes (stuck background process, anyone?), you cannot force-quit apps like mail or iPod by keeping home pressed...the list is very very long.

  8. Matt

    Actually, it was quite fast...

    Short version: Skype using VoIPover3G and Backgrounder is now working again

    Long version: There was a problem with Skype not getting along with mobilesubstrate on jailbroken devices. Saurik (creator of Cydia) tweeted last night that a new mobilesubstrate (0.9.2805-1) has been released which takes care of the problem.



  9. Anonymous Coward

    Solution that's even easier than jailbraking...

    Buy a proper phone, from a proper phone manufacturer and use "skype call" or "internet call".

  10. Giles Jones Gold badge

    Proper phones are knobbled tooo

    So called "proper phones" often get VOIP and IM features removed at the request of mobile operators.

    The availability of such things is being dictated by the operators not Apple.

    3G capacity is the issue here. In the US for example they struggle enough in big cities will just calls, never mind calls and VOIP calls.

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