back to article Slimline iPhone pictures unearthed

Rumours of a redesigned iPhone have been around since, pretty much, the day after Apple launched its 3G model. But now a drool-worthy picture has emerged of what’s been dubbed the iPhone 4G. iPhone_4G_mockup Does this image reveal the next iPhone's design? It’s unlikely the image was snuck out from Apple’s HQ, meaning that …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Just in time for April 1st

    I smell a hoax

  2. Ewen Bruce

    Someone's been busy in Photoshop

    And where is the headphone jack supopsed to go? Bluetooth only ? (joke!)

  3. Sebastian Brosig
    Jobs Horns

    no way


    There is no room in that design to fit any of the required bits in.

    Wishful thinking of an iTard(TM).

  4. Adrian


    is now strapped to your belt since there is no room in the phone anymore

  5. Anonymous Coward





  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Droolworthy? Really?

    Okay, I admit it, it totally is.

    The previous iPhones look obese in comparison.

    If this is real, then wow, just, wow.

    I expect it will be very overpriced, but hopefully prices will fall over time.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Horns

    Nice and shiny

    But wasn't the metal back dropped because it impeded the signals from the GSM/3G/WIFI and BT antennas?

    Lack of mute button, seems odd too.

    Nice mockup though, their Photoshop skillz rulez OK

  8. D@v3
    Thumb Down

    and the point in this is................?

    Looks fairly nice, but also looks like a decent fake (some one getting their days mixed up maybe).

    Also why iPhone 4G? is this suggesting it would be used on a 4G network? What 4G network? The current 3G network is barely usable by most people.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Black Helicopters


    The home button looks very fake, the corners look badly rounded on the legend. Looks even worse if you compare it to a real iPhone.

  10. Dan Wilkinson
    Thumb Down


    For a start, the screen has been lengthened in the picture, as indicated by the talk of moving the microphone - this would result in either a modified (increased) screen resolution with a different aspect ratio, or a stretched display - both of which are clearly stupid and don't even need explanation as to why.

  11. moonoi
    Thumb Down

    This is news....?

    I thought that El Reg is supposed to be an IT News sight and not an enthusiasts blog, this crap is getting annoying

  12. Efros

    Looks like

    The iShuriken, any slimmer and you will need a box of elastoplast.


  13. Mark Rendle
    Dead Vulture

    Utterly pointless

    Words can't even begin to describe how newsworthy this isn't. If your desperation for content so outweighs the need for substantiation, I can send you some not-from-Apple-HQ renders of a cigarette-pack-sized handset that folds out to an A4 tablet running OSX Bornean Clouded Leopard.

  14. Ben Rose
    Paris Hilton

    iPod Touch?

    Clearly an iPod Touch if anything, not enough room for an iPhone battery.

    Paris - cuz she has plenty of room inside.

  15. Darren

    iphone 4G

    this would support the rumours of an OLED screen though, allowing for a thinner iPhone and an even thinner iPod Touch.

    It's the Kate Moss of mobile phones surely, just without the drug addled boyfriend...

  16. Geoff Johnson

    3.5mm socket?

    Surely they wouldn't lose that would they?

  17. James Wilkinson

    Looks like a new iPod Touch

    There's no ringer/silent switch, so it's more likely that this - if it exists - would be an iPod Touch rather than an iPhone.

  18. Patrick


    I wonder if there's a headphone socket or do they expect us to use Bluetooth headhpones?

  19. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Eating one's cake

    Not wishing to be rude but if El Reg suffers such ennui from Apple rumours, why does it run so many of them?

  20. A. H. O. Thabeth

    Headphone socket?

    See title

  21. Andrew


    where does the headphone jack go?

  22. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    With the hardware iPhone has inside of it at present I seriously doubt that they'd be able to make it that thin. It's more likely that its just a fanboi vision

  23. Matt K

    "Probably fake" iPhone pictures

    Slow news day then?

  24. Anonymous Coward

    i think its a fake

    The menu buttons white detail is to sqaured, the corners on the 2G and 3G are more rounded that this.

    Plus the phone needs a better camera. I cant see how they can make the phone smaller/ thinner, but add a better sensor to bring the camara up to the standards of other phones (5mp or 8mp)

  25. Adam
    Thumb Down


    You'd cut yourself with that and if it is real where do you plug the battery in?

  26. Anonymous Coward

    Or it might be...

    I thing it is more lightly to be the new ipod touch if anything. I don't see how they can get all the tech in an iphone into a body that thin, where as the touch dose not need a lot of space. Could be wrong but i think this is not the new i phone

  27. Yorkshirepudding
    Jobs Horns

    i hope its true!

    cause it means i can snap one in two when some apple fanboi waves it in my face

  28. kevin king
    Gates Horns

    oh welll move along nothing to see

    "which shows white and black versions of the iPhone – was probably created by an enthusiast." = Apple Fan Boy with too much time on there hands!!!

  29. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    If that's the real design...

    ...then neat.

    If you don't like it as a phone you could use it to shave with.

  30. Macka
    Thumb Down

    Looks over substance

    Created by an enthusiast with no brains more like. Unless Apple were to surprise the world with some miracle leap forward in battery technology, a device that thin would last a couple of hours between recharges at most. Considering how heavily the average iPhone gets used (email, web, music, games, phone) that would render it almost useless.

  31. censored


    Clearly and totally fake.

  32. Steve Copley

    Wired Headphones?

    Might struggle to plug in headphones anywhere with that razor-thin profile...

    Or it it stereo BlueTooth only?!

  33. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    How many iPhones have there been. Lets count them together, shall we:

    1: "The iPhone"

    2: "The iPhone 3G"

    3: Oh dear. We seem to have run out after 2. Perhaps you would like to explain precisely which arcane method of numbering you have used to divine the name "iPhone 4G"?

    "3G" is a type of cellular connectivity, not a model number. To the best of my knowledge, no 4G networks yet exist.

  34. Andrew Moreland
    Thumb Down

    Given you pretty much admit this is a fake..

    Why do you bother publishing it? You might as well take a photo of Jesus and stick it up here.

  35. Euan Ramsay


    ..I thought the reason the 3G had a solid back, and the 2G had a part-plastic rear was because of the radio antenna? Ie solid metal not being that condusive to radio signals?

    My vote goes to "fake"!

  36. Frank Wilson
    Thumb Down

    Yeah, Right!

    Never mind about the mute switch, where's the dock connector and earphone socket?

  37. Horridbloke
    Paris Hilton

    Why... fanboiz keep wasting their lives modelling and rendering these mockups and why do news sites like this keep encouraging them? Surely you're not that desperate for material?

    Perhaps Cadbury's should introduce a slightly different shape of Curly-wurly every spring. Losers could then spend the winter designing, colouring and texturing plausible photo-realistic next-generation Curly-wurlies to impress each other with. If they do really really well then Cadbury's might offer them the 2011-season Curly-wurly design gig...

    Paris, because she likes Curly-wurlies.

  38. Jason Hall

    Useable Landscape?

    Looks pretty - but how would it work if placed on a surface landscape - it would be a right pain to type on?!?

  39. Alan Watson
    Thumb Down

    Early April Fools

    That's my guess - someone's playing a joke on the gadget sites and it's got out a day early.

    Though it would be in line with Apple's attitude to comments on their products:

    "You don't give enough mouse buttons"

    - we'll get rid of them completely

    "We don't want a phone with a fixed battery"

    - you can have laptops with fixed batteries as well

    In which case this model would be the answer to complaints that the iPhone 3G doesn't have enough battery life - a version which has no battery life at all..

  40. fluffy

    Why are people such idiots?

    There was no "iPhone 1G," as the 3G refers to the network interface. Unless this iPhone is expected to use WiMax, why would it be called the 4G?

  41. Paul
    Paris Hilton

    iPhone 4G vs 3rd gen iPhone?

    Surely this is the 3rd generation iPhone, which will also be 3G, as opposed to an iPhone with 4G cellular wireless technology (which isn't due for another few years yet)?

    Come on, El Reg, get your act together!

    Paris, cos even she'd know the difference between 3G and 3G!!

  42. jai

    that's damn sexy

    obvious photoshop is obvious

    why would they move the mute switch, that'd make the interior design and also assembly much more complex, wouldn't it?

    if this is an actual apple product, it's much more likely to be the next ipod touch than iphone

  43. Tankut Erinc

    External battery

    This one has an external battery, but works with induction so no unsightly cables are required.

    It has no need for a earphone jack, because it works with a proprietary bluetooth dongle that has an Apple© authentication chip that degrades non DRM'ed content and conversations with non-iphone-blessed philistines.

    For the enthusiast that does not want a bluetooth dongle, there will be an official internal bone-conduction version available at your nearest Apple center (minor skull surgery required, subject to an EULA).

    Video calling is planned for iphone 6G. Apple has already filed all appropriate patents for phone cameras, video calling, etc.

    Ms. Hilton was not available for comments.

    Rear side of the device also acts as a fingerprint scanner, that shares this data with Apple for Your Own Benefit. You can be sure this data will not be shared freely ('cos nothing is free).

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