back to article EU demands 20% energy cut from tech industry

Viviane Reding, European Commissioner for Information Society and Media, is calling on the IT industry to cut energy use by 20 per cent by 2020. She said existing measures would only deliver 13 per cent by the deadline, but better use of ICT could help Europe hit the 20 per cent target. Smart metering could save European …


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  1. Lionel Baden

    small medium busines

    well they tend to employ atround 50% of the uk workforce.

    I bet the only concessions they give are to the multi million corperations.

    Why the hell should i tell our customers to upgrade to a newer server that will cost them at least 2 grand and do exactly what their current server is doing

    Well apart from the fact i might be be able to get my dirty mitts on the old server :D

    If we can offer 30% off all new servers for a 7-9 month period yes i reckon we could get some low power servers and desktops in

  2. Terry Ellis
    Thumb Up

    Exactly the right point

    "But the industry, which only accounts for two per cent of CO2 emissions within Europe, can also help other industries to cut their energy use by better use of technology."

    This is too true. There should be more pressure in order to come up with efficient systems, but this would only make sense as part of the normal upgrade cycle. While there has been a lot of focus on mimimising the power requirements of the CPU, it seems that there has been less on other elements (chipset, discrete graphics). Virtualisation will help though.

    The other issue is trying to use the waste heat from server rooms. I'm currently working on sustainable building design where we are utilising some 30MWh of low grade heat from servers to contribute to the overall building heat demand. This would otherwise be lost (and saves money).

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    EU can shuve its head up its arse. Tech industry is gonna need more power, dumb f---s should have made sure we had good nuclear power plants and invested some real money in fusion instead of wasting it on rubbish.

    Seriously as a global community we spend more on plastic bags each year then on researching fusion power. We deserve to become extinct.

  4. michael

    energy usage servy

    as a couindence Iw as doing a servy of power usage in our office to day all usages are mesered using a maplins device all figers are in watts unles sated devices are in standby

    small dell charger 0.3

    large dell charger 0.5

    docking station (including large charger) 0.6

    monitor (standby) 0.6

    monitor off 0.5

    water cooler standby 3

    water cooler cooling 140

    light bulbs (on) 13

    yer IT is killing our power

  5. David Austin


    Natural progression will sort this out - I Bet if all Pentium IV and their Xeon derivatives were decommissioned, it would sure help...

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @Lionel Baden

    By 2020 I suspect the a new server will be required by anyone, all they need to do is buy something that is more energy efficient. Buying a server out of it's normal replacement/depreciation cycle would probably cost more energy than it would save.

    @AC 1121 - At my company we have managed to save multiple MW in our major datacentres in recent years, while using more servers, more storage and more networking gear. You just need to think about what you do.

  7. Nic Brough


    Dumb idea - if they really want reduce energy usage (and presumably this is one of those "green" directives) then IT energy use needs to rise, not fall. The energy cost of a few emails and a video conferencing has to be lower than hauling my sorry butt miles via car/plane/train. Computers could (not "will", but "could") help crunch the numbers to get us more efficient distribution networks and distribute information at a very low energy cost, etc etc etc.

  8. Tom

    Yep that's what I thought.

    Twits don't give a shit about saving the planet, all they really want is to be able to tell everybody else how to run their business/lives.

    1) AGW is a religion, not science.

    2) Even if AGW was science and not a religion, you couldn't get the kind of cuts they want from something that uses such a small slice of the energy consumption.

  9. Sean Baggaley

    You first, Viviane!

    The EU merrily pisses away millions of Euros, and Gigawatts of energy, shuffling between Bruxelles and Strasbourg every six months. How about the EU stops doing that first, before demanding efficiency savings from everybody else?

  10. Francis Offord
    Black Helicopters

    Bloody Cheek

    How come the EU is "demanding" anything? It would be truly amazing if the EU was told about the demands made by all of us regarding accountability of their finances and book balancing.

    When those in charge begin listening to we, the proles, in this regard then, and only then, can they make their outrageous demands. They are a bunch of thieves, as are most of the political classes, they should be made accountable in law to their constituents. They should be forced to balance the books annually and show that regard for the money of others, because it is our money they spend. When that happens they will have a chance of my support, but not until then. If any of the parliamentarians of the EU read this, which I beg leave to doubt as they will be busy reading their bank statements, I have moved and cannot be found so it's no good sending round "the boys" for an informal chat.

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