back to article Action games 'improve eyesight'

Playing a certain type of videogame can help to improve adult eyesight, a study conducted by a North American university has concluded. Over the course of nine weeks, two groups of 11 adult volunteers each played a total of 50 hours of games. One group played action titles – including Call of Duty 2 - and the other set played …


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  1. Dave

    And that's not all... also made my knob bigger. Honest, Guv.

  2. Andy Worth

    It's very simple.....

    Like anything, the eyes can be trained and exercised. It's no great surprise really that people who spend lots of time trying to spot enemy "soldiers" in an action game have trained their eyes to become better at picking objects out from a cluttered background.

    Out of interest, people who spend a lot of time looking at screens tend to lose some of their ability to refocus at different distances. So when you look from a close object to a far one (or the other way round) it takes a fraction of a second longer for you to focus.

  3. Michael

    May improve eyesight but......

    ........... already wear glasses and I am still going to blame my poor Insurgency mod K/D ratio on lag!

    Mines the one with a non-gaming mouse in the pocket.

  4. Mark Edwards

    Flawed research?

    Suerely if you were forced to play only The Sims for over a month then sod the eyesight ... what about the suicide rate?

  5. Yorkshirepudding


    i've been playing games since the atari 2600 and its made naff all difference only last week i dropped my N95 downstairs and couldnt catch it with my jedi like reflexs

    or was that the ale i cant remeber

  6. Anonymous Coward

    Oh Great...

    How long before an improved ability to discern schoolkids against classroom backgrounds is added to the list of reasons why violent video games should be banned?

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