back to article Gartner sees flat biz software biz in 2009

Software spending will be stagnant this year, according to market research firm Gartner, but companies should finally start loosening their purse strings after the first quarter of 2010. This is at least the third time Gartner has lowered its forecast for world-wide enterprise software sales in 2009. Gartner now expects …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
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    I love to hear about Gartner predictions

    I do know that Gartner is a primary source of thruth for most clueless IT managers, so seeing them disappear would not be good for anybody. Because if you want to have your ideas well backup up, they are always there to help you for a modicum consulting fee.

    But I would like to see from them a report on their own ability to predict. Or anyone with the guts to do it (The Reg?) collecting all their predictions and see how many of them were even remotely true. At this rate, Gartner will issue a correction of the forecast again by the end of summer. Which will be very close to the actual number. At the end of the year, their prediction will be much more accurate than now, just as it was way off at the beginning of the year. Oh yes, all it takes is a very well paid guru to tell you that.

    And this is not only Gartner. Forrester are also very skilled at this game. But what we can expect from an environment that rewards people that are damn good at explaining what has happened but utterly unable to predict anything. Please, Gartner and stock brokers, stop influencing mentally weak businessmen. They want to believe anybody opinion as long as they need to pay a lot of money to hear it.

  2. amanfromMars Silver badge

    Re I love to hear about Gartner predictions


    Gartner and Forrester are like a dose of Soros and an injection of Buffett and only as Useful as a Comfort Blanket covered in Snake Oil for the All at Sea in C and definitely D Programming Language?

    I wonder [well actually I don't wonder at all] how they sell themselves to the Bank whenever asked for a Busines Plan and Figures or whether they just tell them to behave themselves and stop talking rubbish and to start using GBIrish.for Pretty Good Privacy in PerlyGatesPython for Apache Renegade Nation Renaissances/Underground Movements/Tectonic Plate Shiftings/Real Big Picture Plays in Great Games Theory ...... with dDOS Capital AIMMORPGamers ...... HiRollers and Rock Steady Poker Players Playing for the Casino Bet against the System and ITs Corrupt Ways Winning.

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