back to article Fujitsu talks big on x64 server sales

The European arm of Japanese server maker Fujitsu, to be called Fujitsu Technology Solutions, is staking the growth of its server business on the IA platform. The new company came about after the €450m buyout of the half of the business formerly owned by German conglomerate Siemens. At a press conference which spanned Tokyo, …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Agree, Fuji SPARC in limbo until Sun question is settled

    Agree with the author, Fuji SPARC is in limbo until the fate of Sun is secured

    Also that is a cliff face for Fuji to climb compared to the massive IA market shares of HP, Dell and iBM

  2. Pony Tail

    M-Class is the first fatality of IBM

    Sun did not want to sell m-class, it was a by-product of the sparcV cancel

    I am sure IBM will continue to sell against it and tell customers they are stupid to buy a system with partitioning....get with the program and use virtualization

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