back to article Pink Floyd's Gilmour backs McKinnon protest gig

Legendary Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour has agreed to participate in a musical protest against attempts to extradite UFO enthusiast turned hacker Gary McKinnon to the US. Janis Sharp, McKinnon's mum, is organising a sing-in protest to coincide with President Barack Obama's upcoming visit to London for the G20 conference …


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  1. EvilJason
    Black Helicopters

    It is well know that...

    American governmental agents "hack"(shudder) computers outside there country and as such outside there authority but under international law that America is trying to get this guy extradited on shouldn't that mean that Americans who do it even if ordered to do by the government should still be extradited as well?


  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    why is "one-sided" in quotes?

    The UK must provide the US with prima facie evidence to secure an extradition.

    The US has no such obligation to provide such evidence to the UK to secure an extradition.

    The fact that it is one-sided is hardly in dispute.

  3. Wayland Sothcott Bronze badge

    Martyr in the making

    Gary Mckinnon and his supporters are causing a massive storm around this whole area of aliens and extridition etc.

    I expect if the Americans wanted to extridite me I would watching the inflight movie on RendAir before normal air travellers had even put their shoes back on.

    They will wish they never even suggested extriditing him. In future they should tighten up the password policy on their computers.

  4. Anonymous Coward


    The dude "hacked" into some pentagon computer systems.

    Looking for UFO's or not, some action needs to be taken.

    If you're not clever enough to hide your tracks, you must do the time.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    My ears!

    He deserves a stretch in Gitmo purely for that god awfully bland song!

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Ross Hemsworth...

    "Ross Hemsworth, managing director of Glastonbury Radio and UK director of the International UFO Congress, suggested plans to organise a benefit gig on McKinnon's behalf"

    Ross Hemsworth shouldn't be organising benefit gigs -- he should be apologising profusely for spreading his sad little conspiracy hobby and infecting the minds of the neuro-physiologically gullible with his strange fantasies.

    Ross Hemsworth, j'accuse!

  7. Anonymous Coward

    Chuck him on the next plane...

    He admits the crime.. now he's gotta do the time!

  8. paul

    Good luck

    Even with the legend Dave Gilmour onboard - the powers that be will not change their mind. They really have it in for him.

    Good luck gary.

  9. Doug

    US military hacker

    'self-confessed UFO evidence hunter turned US military hacker son over to the US'

    For the umpteemed time, he logged in to Windows NT computers that all used the same passwordless admin account and installed a remote desktop application and sent msgs to the supervisors screen via wordpad ..,,1523143,00.html,1000000189,39208862,00.htm,,1523143,00.html

  10. Anonymous Coward

    @did the crime, do the time commenters

    ... there aren't many people who disagree with you.

    They just happen to think that he should do the time for the crime he committed. He committed the crime in the UK, so he should be punished according to UK law. Even if he's punished according to US law he should serve his sentence in the UK.

    They also think that anyone who left a military computer with a blank administrator password should be hung, drawn and quartered. The people who let those computers' IP addresses be unblankable on the court documents by simply copying the text into notepad should be whipped and boiled and stomped on until the stomper gets blisters.

    Unless it was all a big honeytrap, in which case there was no actual risk to national security and it should be treated as entrapment.

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    Another thing..

    Why can't countries be a bit more frank.

    For example "No, you can not extradite him. End of."

    I'm sick of this ballless world we live in. In reality, if our government just says "No" there's f**k all the US can do about it.

    Too much ball cupping and not enough balls.

  12. James

    Honeytrap != entrapment

    Entrapment is where they actually entice you to commit the crime (say, having a scantily clad female cop standing on a street corner offering passers by a 'good time', or advertising for a hitman to see who takes the contract) - honeytraps, be they unsecured PCs or 'bait' cars parked to await a passing car thief, are valid policing because they aren't actually contributing to your attempt to break the law, just passively monitoring it.

    I'd prefer him to stand trial and serve time in the US for three reasons: first, I think jurisdiction should be determined by the location of the victim rather than the perpetrator; second, I hold US justice in far higher esteem since he'll receive a much more appropriate punishment, and third I'd rather have another government paying the bill for his punishment rather than mine. I feel sentences are pathetically lenient in the UK, and want to see computer crimes punished seriously.

  13. Anonymous Coward

    @crime committed in the UK???

    His feet might have been on British soil, but his fingers were on US military computers. Duh! Of course he should face proceedings in the US.

  14. Anonymous Coward

    He should go and live in a country which wont bend over to the US quite so quickly

    He should go and live in a country which wont bend over to the US quite so quickly

  15. Sillyfellow


    the uk government and main telecoms providers are at the moment illegally 'hacking' our every communication, call, website visited and who else knows what else... and they're even trying to make it legal for them to do this, and be allowed to hack into anyone's computer anytime they feel like it. and the good 'ol usa of a hack every other country also. so i can't see how they can justify this.

    besides, as i've said before, it's what gary found and subsequently told about, that stirred up the US military beehive. not the hacking. there were reportedly other hackers in there too. so what about them?

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I am full of a lack of concern for his well being.

    He had what kind of business on these computers? None?

    Then it doesn't matter what kind of security was on the computer.

    It is like me leaving the keys in my car, and someone taking off with it. While it is true that it should have been locked, that's between my insurance company and me. A person that took it without permission is still stealing.

    There is no way that you can twist a lack of permission into permission.

    Any fool would know that the DOD would have a problem with unauthorised access. Idiots that think they're operating in secret just because they're playing with themselves in their mom's basement in their underwear need a wakeup call like this.

    It all boils down to what kind of international deal is made to get him over to the US to face the music. That's not a one sided treaty -- that's just the simple fact that he made a lot of powerful people mad, and it is just a matter of how big a stink they want to raise internationally until they get him. The fact that he embarrassed them only makes it worse. For him. These people have long, long memories.

    He should stop with the whining, grow a pair of balls, and face the music. The more he squeals, the longer he will sit in jail, the less likely it is that he can claim he was just stupid, and the more important it is that an example is made out of him. If we're lucky, they'll keep him locked up long enough that he's not a danger to the gene pool -- he's damaging relations between the US and Britain enough as it is.

    If I were to access a MOD computer in a NATO country without authorisation, and they had something the US wanted, it's a given that at some time I would find myself on a plane headed east. It is not a question of if he gets thrown under the bus he started, but when and how.

  17. Rolf Howarth


    "His feet might have been on British soil, but his fingers were on US military computers. Duh! Of course he should face proceedings in the US"

    So... if you happen to visit a website about Tibet hosted somewhere in China, or a Wikileaks page in Australia, or write something uncomplimentary about the King of Thailand, or forward an email containing a porn link to your mate who's currently working for an oil company in Saudi Arabia, does that mean you're volunteering to be extradited to those countries for committing a crime there??

  18. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    He shouldn't even be punished

    What he did was less damaging then someone who spray-painted graffiti on a wall. He should be let go, or asked to do some community service.

  19. Anonymous Coward
    Black Helicopters

    I hear he also.....

    ....uncovered the 911 cover-up files held at the Pentagon!

  20. Mr Larrington

    Take care...

    ...Janis Sharp. If Mr Gilmour finds out you've ben calling him "Dave" he may well change his mind.

  21. Tom


    Best headline and subtitle this year!

  22. Wabberjocky

    Just follow their lead...

    I really can't see what the problem is here. The British government should take its lead from its transatlantic cousins. The US has unilaterally abrogated several international treaties in recent years, so what's to stop us from doing the same ?

  23. Anonymous Coward

    Over the lights, under the moon

    As the man who introduced Kate Bush to a grateful world, I hope Mr Gilmour’s dulcet tones bring about a deeper understanding from Mr Obama.

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