back to article EU: Our Members need 'increased wood'

A Brussels talking-shop operated by the EU has called for greater efforts by European countries to grow more trees, as this would remove carbon from the atmosphere and mitigate global warming. The call was made in a statement headed "European Union should increase the use of wood", issued by the 344-member European Economic …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    About 1/3 of my spam filters holdings offer increased wood; maybe they should look into the internet pharmacies.

    Anyway, I thought that one wanted more forests in the tropics, not the temperate zones.

  2. Charlie Clark Silver badge

    Some trees are woodier than others

    What we need are leaves rather than trees as it's the leaves that do all the work. The more oak forests the better. Unfortunately they take ages to grow. Most of the fast growing trees do more harm than good as they leech nutrients from the soil or prevent other plants from growing with their shadow.

    Where's the icon of the chap with a pipe, beard and sandals?

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Our members need more wood

    Best. Headline. Ever.

  4. M7S

    If we plant more trees...

    which need/absorb carbon dioxide, then do we have to burn more fossil fuels to feed them?

    I wouldnt want to be accused of cruelty to trees by asphyxiating them.

  5. Steven Jones

    Use the wood

    You don't living trees to sequester carbon. Trees have this wonderful and useful by-product called wood. Making more use of wood as a building material, properly made doors, furniture and in place of CO2-intensive materials like concrete would help. There are limits of course, but the average house could use a lot more wood. Also the w3aste material from wood can be used in a number of other ways such as insulation. Now this can't go on for ever - there are only so many houses and building, so much furniture and so on and eventually it will go to waste and rot down, but it could make a significant one-off contribution.

    It's also possible to stop wood rotting down fully and releasing the CO2 by burying it, but it would be much better to use the stuff. A sensible scheme with a representative price for CO2 production (or sequestering in the case of using wood) would (apologies) allow for a lot of automatic market adjustment.

  6. Christoph

    Can I be the first one to say ...

    You can't get the wood, you know.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    " Of course, once felled or otherwise dead, the carbon eventually returns to the air through decomposition: "

    This process can be slowed with the judicious application of creosote. There's a lot of uses for wood in civic spaces -- fences, bollards, signposts, paving material, park benches, planters, decorative cladding for buildings -- and this would not only slow the release of carbon from felled trees, but also reduce the emissions involved in the production of metal, concrete etc alternatives.

    However, it might be more expensive and need replacement more often -- are we willing to put our money where our greenie consciences are...?

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Oh dear

    The spring, the air, the flowers... Lewis, you need to get out in the fresh air more.

    Then again, in a few short weeks the trees will all start having sex with each other, right out in public, so perhaps you're better off in the cellar after all... ;-)

  9. Anonymous Coward

    Expanding my Wood?

    I can't quite see how it'll help the environment, but I'm always willing to give it a go ... :)

  10. Max

    Very interesting

    Reading this article led me to trying to do some estimates and I found this very helpful guide for forestry and carbon relations:

  11. Nick Davey
    Thumb Up

    A new government department

    I'm waiting to hear from the new department they setup for this very purpose, they could call it "Got wood?"

  12. Sweep

    But what kind of trees?

    As Charlie Clark touches on above, the fastest growing trees are pines like spruce etc arguably do more harm than good when planted in places where they wouldn't naturally occur- their needles are indigestible to almost everything and they acidify the soil to reduce competition from other plants, so conifer plantations greatly reduce biodiversity. Plus they aren't native to most of the EU, including the UK.

    If this leads to a Europe- wide call to increase native forests it would be a very good thing. Would give the beavers something to eat too. Oh, and reintroduce wolves to Scotland while you're at it; the overpopulation of deer is one of the main hindrances to the regeneration of natural woodlands and machine gunning them from helicopters like the kiwis do will probably never happen here, unfortunately.

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Horns


    PETA are going to be furious when they find out. Think of all the battery herring that'll end up being farmed to fell all those extra trees to make wooden Asus laptops.

  14. JJS
    Thumb Up


    I nominate this article for el Reg's next vote on best article title/teaser.

  15. Gordon Crawford

    plant trees to contribute to globel warming

    saw two years [or so] ago that forest hold in heat... there fore they promote global warming.

    and read else where an acre of grass produces more oxygen then an acre of trees .

    So I guess the best forest would be an orchard, trees spaced with grass in between .

  16. M7S

    Actually it all makes sense

    The EU wants more wood.

    Well there is a Comissioner for Enlargement. (True)

    He's probably responsible for all those emails as well.

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