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  1. jai

    can recommend this

    i've not done any Objective-C before, and though this book recommends that you should be a bit familiar with the language, i decided to dive right in and pick it up as i went along. and so far, it's going well. the book provides a nice learning curve and is quick to point out the differences between OS X coding and iPhone coding alongside the similarities. The writing style is very relaxed and easy to read - it reads more like being in a lecture than reading the textbook, if that makes sense?

  2. StooMonster

    Me too

    Completely agree with jai above, the book is easy to read and does read more like a lecture than a textbook. Easy to follow and good examples mean that although I haven't used Objective-C before it's not proving too steep a learning curve. Quite enjoyable actually.

  3. Jim Noeth
    Thumb Up

    Me too too

    Another agreement with jai, I have a copy of the book and find it very well written and easy to follow. If you want to try writing applications for the IPhone, I'd recommend this book.

  4. Alexandre Strube
    Jobs Halo

    Not that easy

    It starts easy. But the need for previous objective-c knowledge is true. So I bought a book on objective-c 2.0 and will eat it before this one :)

  5. James Robertson

    Which Object c book

    Which Objective-c book did you get, All my previous programming is in Basic (yes I still use it), and a little javascript and PHP, how is it going?

This topic is closed for new posts.

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