back to article Revolting French workers bite 3M's balles

French 3M workers, who on Tuesday barricaded their boss in an office in protest at jobs cuts, have released their prisoner following successful negotiations to secure more cash for redundancy packages. 3M decided to shed 110 jobs at the pharmaceutical products plant at Pithiviers, near Orleans, due to falling demand. The plan …


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  1. Chris Thomas
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    Revolting french workers huh?

    wow, I know people dont like the french much, but I guess calling them revolting is a little harsh don't you think?


  2. Martin Lyne

    Terrorism pays

    aka Civil disobedience and action still has power.

  3. Dave
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    Now why can't the Brits get some balls too?

    The French know how to stand up for their rights. Whether you agree with their methods or not, you have to admit they have got balls!

    So how come us Brits are such a bunch of pansies?

  4. CockKnocker

    lol had to agree with the headline

    Yes they are revolting arent they!! Sorry couldnt resist.

    (Mines the one with very smelly cheese in the pockets)

  5. Anonymous Coward

    French... revolting?

    The French were always revolting, now they are just rebelling...

  6. Wyrmhole


    Isn't it illegal in France to hold someone somewhere against the person's will?

  7. Ru

    Re: Terrorism pays

    Equating civil disobedience with terrorism is a particularly unpleasant school of thought. Similarly equating industrial action with terrorism, as one Aussie politician did not so long ago.

    Governments and employers would love everyone to assume they are equal... lets not encourage them, eh?

    On the other hand, kidnapping your manager sounds like a crime to me; bit over and above strikes and pickets. He seems to have taken it remarkably well, which is somewhat surprising. I wonder if they gave him the Fight Club treatment.

  8. Psymon

    why doesn't this happen here?

    well, if you look at some of the other headlines and the debates sparked in the comments section...

    We as citezens no longer have the right to protest in ways such as this. The armed police units would have been called in very short shrift, the workers would have all been tazered, placed in custody indefinately without charge, to eventually be imprisoned under any one of a miriad or laws that have been introduced.

    Of course, if you read between the lines, Rousselets' quote seems remarkably sympathetic to their cause, and leads me to suspect that he maybe had prior knowledge of their actions, probably condoned, and possibly even conspired with the workforce.

    That is by no means a condemnation. If that were the case, I would like to shake the mans hand, and probably buy him a few pints for tipping the balance of power in favour of the hard working men and women of the plant.

  9. Anonymous Coward
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    My favorite lines from Chicken Run...

    "The chickens are revolting!"

    "Finally, something we agree on..."

  10. It wasnt me

    Youve got to admire them

    There are a few xenophobic comments on here, but you have to admire the french. They know that their seniors, be they elected or otherwise, are accountable and need to be held to account.

    Us Brits just bend over and take it with a stiff upper lip.

    If its a case of stand up for yourself or take a shafting, which would you rather?

  11. Kevin Gurney
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    Bad Idea

    Setting a precident is always a bad thing. Now when anybody in France announces redundancies, the managers will eb locked in a room by those at risk until they hand over more cash.

    Would imagine that riot police would be called if this happened in the UK and those responsible locked up.

  12. Danny

    Fortunately this was France

    Here in the states kidnappers have a disturbing habit of getting dead (SWAT teams, snipers and all that).

    Mine's the one with the "Get Out of Jail Free" card in the pocket.

  13. John Dougald McCallum
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    @ Wyrmhole

    Yes,but since when did that stop the French from doing what they want?

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