back to article Security in the clouds - or clouds in security?

‘Cloud Computing’ is the marketing term of the moment, despite lacking a formal definition (this is what we came up with), Undoubtedly, many organisations are looking to source certain IT services from across the internet. While such capabilities may be initiated as standalone, they frequently move on to be used in combination …


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  1. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    Nice article

    I feel that this article outlines quite clearly the major issues that exist with "cloud service" operators. For me, my opinion of cloudy stuff is simple : banks and major multinational corporations will never allow their internal data to be hosted by someone else.

    Ergo, without the boost and credibility that these key organizations give, this whole cloud thing will never really take off, or else will remain at the "host your mail and 100GB of data" level that it is today.

  2. Tom

    More on this from

    Security in The Cloud is something that the majority of companies have been thinking about, but nearly 40% of firms still don't have even a basic URL filtering system in place.

    The high levels of publicity about Web-borne threats plus the inevitable scaremongering have meant that four out of five companies have adopted policies against downloading certain types of files and more than three-quarters have systems that actively block some downloads, according to analyst firm Osterman Research. But despite this promising start, many companies are simply missing a trick.

    More information at:

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