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We're desperately keen to see the new Shuttle SX58H7, which supports the Core i7 family of processors, but it's currently listed as "coming soon" so we shall have to be patient. In the meantime, Shuttle suggested, why not take a look at the SP45H7? So we did. Shuttle XPC SP45H7 Shuttle's XPC SP45H7: poor value? We had a …


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  1. Efros
    Paris Hilton


    have never been good value, with the rise of the small footprint eeealikes they are increasingly bad value.


    Paris cos she knows a Shuttle is only useful on a loom.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I disagree

    I built a Shuttle SX48P2 for my daughter about a month ago and once you add case, PSU (its rare to find decent cases with a PSU now) and motherboard you are pretty much in the same ballpark cost-wise.

    I put an old E6600 core2duo cpu in, a Radeon 4830 (perfect for 19" and below), 500GB h/d and 4GB geil memory. All in it was £500 and is pretty much silent.

    I think the mechanical engineering on the P2 series is simply superb - airflow is maximised, fan noise minimised. Fitting a Radeon 4870 to my wife's Shuttle box did sort of destroy the quiet ;) Works perfectly though which is nice for me as I borrow it for Eve - the only game I've ever had which has destroyed two graphics cards ;)

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    The Shuttle box in the review does indeed look like it IS going to have cooling issues. I haven't seen any of their boxes which look like that for several years. I wouldn't even want to consider putting a 4850 in that as it WILL be a problem come summer.

  4. Cameron Colley

    Did you not think to test it with another OS?

    Just because Vista doesn't work better (at the moment) doesn't mean Ubuntu, for example, wouldn't.

  5. MondoMan
    Thumb Down

    faster RAM tests mostly pointless

    Since data to/from RAM has to pass through the FSB on this system, and RAM run at DDR2-667 in dual-channel mode already fully saturates the 1333MHz FSB bandwidth, there's not much point in running the RAM at DDR2-800 or DDR2-1066.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    Form factor

    My biggest beef with these Shuttle et al barebones systems is their size and shape: they're not wide enough to perch a monitor on, too fat to sit behind one, and too squat to sit happily on the floor.

    Bog standard slimline desktop PCs do it for me every time.

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