back to article Pioneer rebuffs reported rush to end plasma TV production

Pioneer has denied reports that it will wrap up worldwide plasma TV production with a final run of sets next month. The firm announced last month plans to exit the plasma TV business by March 2010. But a release on its Japanese website today prompted numerous online news sources to wrongly report that the 2500 50in and 500 …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
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    Most unusual use of rebuff

    Maybe they're denying the end, or the early end.

    A woman might rebuff a request for a date.

    <img src="/Design/graphics/icons/comment/paris_hilton_48.png" width="48" height="48" alt="Paris Hilton" title="Where's the Paris Hilton angle?">

  2. Nick Oakley

    Probably cuz the rest of the world is 20 yrs behind Japan

    I travelled to Japan in 1994, buying the first issue of a magazine at the airport. This magazine had an article all about the European roadmap for widescreen, digital and hdtv and I remember being amazed at how long we'd have to wait to see any of this drool-inducing technology.

    Imagine my surprise then, that I found myself living in a country that already had HDTV stations broadcasting content in a country whose citizens are proud of their traditions, old and new. Early adoption of new homegrown technology is as much a part of the Japanese psyche as going to work for the same company for your whole career.

    Unfortunately, 15 years later, things have changed for Japan, but tiny little countries like ours that keep our public ignorant in their arrogant beliefs of global supremacy, still continue to import old technology and feed it to the masses as 'innovative'.

  3. Iamfanboy


    Because the rest of the world is stupid enough to buy plasmas?

    Mine's the one with a 52-inch LCD TV in the pocket, if you'd be so kind.

  4. Brian

    @Nick Oakley

    So how come Japan didnt come up with storage format for HD movies in the 90's then ?? 20 years ahead my arse...

  5. Glen

    Such a sad day....

    Panasonic are still selling plasmas in very good numbers - for ultimate image quality, LCD (even the latest generations available here in Japan) don't come close. The picture quality on a 52" LCD is laughable in comparison.

    What is shocking is just how far ahead of the game that Pioneer are with these screens - their exit from the industry is a step backwards. Even the latest 10th gen Panasonic panels can't replicate the black levels that Pioneer have achieved.

    A sad day when production finally stops.

  6. Apocalypse Later

    Dual use

    As a responsible consumer, I deliberately bought plasma. Not only does it provide superb viewing, but it helps keep the room warm, saving on the central heating oil. If you love the environment, make sure that your appliances make full use of the electricity they consume by providing both their primary function AND background heating. Even the paltry few watts put out when the TV is left in standby are worth having.

  7. Henry Wertz Gold badge

    Probably efficiency...

    I'm guessing maybe they're pulling them off the domestic Japanese market for efficiency reasons? Plasmas are gigantic power hogs, and it would not surprise me at all if they were either legislated off the local market, "encouraged" to pull them, or they just don't sell domestically since there's better technologies available now.

  8. Christian Berger

    @20yrs behind

    The problem is that Japan jumps at the first best technology. That's why they had NTSC as a colour system which never worked sufficiently. I guess for 3d television they will use that cheap 2 camera system instead of true holographic systems which are harder to do.

  9. Anonymous Coward


    or maybe the 'rest of the world' appreciate the better picture that plasma gives

    but you stick with cheap & cheerful

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