back to article WAG sues CPW for phone pic nick

Glamour model Danielle Lloyd is suing Carphone Warehouse after a staff member downloaded pictures of her from her phone and tried to sell them to national newspapers. Lloyd left her phone with the shop so that that data could be transferred to her new handset. But the staff member, who has since left the firm, copied intimate …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    Her waving a BNP flag?

    Perhaps the "intimate photos" were of the stupid racist bigot waving a BNP flag around?

    ...Would it be too much to suggest she had the (presumably naked pics) of her on the phone in just the hope that this would happen, in order she can sue and get both money and publicity?

    Dumb fucking bitch either way.

  2. Mad Mike
    Paris Hilton

    And blondes aren't dumb!!

    I appreciate she isn't a natural blonde, but she clearly meets all other criteria. It's a bit like leaving dodgy photos on your PC when going in for a repair. How stupid can you get. Yes, it shouldn't be touched, but everybody knows there is a risk, especially if you're a known celebrity (of whatever 'list').

    Paris, cos she has managed to avoid this far.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    What sort of idiot leaves "very private" photos on a phone and then asks a comemrcial organization to transfer them?

    The shop should conter-sue for distress suffered by the staff at being given such shocking material by a customer. Then fire the muppet who posted them on the web, he's too stupid even for carphone warehouse

  4. Code Monkey


    If the pics are that private, don't keep them on your phone. Stupp'd tart!

  5. Nick
    Paris Hilton


    This Article Is Useless Without Pics

    Why on earth did she give her phone to somebody without removing the pics first

    Paris, because it's got to be really

  6. Andy
    Paris Hilton

    Well boo hoo, what did you expect ?

    So life has finally happened to you...

    fancy thinking 'private' pictures of her left with testosterone-crazed boys in a low paid job wouldn't be ripe for the distribution.

    £50k, for mental distress? I didn't think there's be that much to actually cause it.

    And people like this are allowed to vote.

    Paris because she's seen it all before.

  7. Trevor Watt

    This story is worthless without pictures....

    nuff said!

  8. Jon Brindley


    .. no chance of finding said pics on google then?

  9. John Stirling

    Bad taste warning

    Oh, come on, be fair.

    It's only because she hasn't just died of cancer that you are being so hard on her.

    Otherwise you'd be calling her 'plucky'

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    oh deah

    TERRIBLE!!.. But where can we see the pictures???????????

  11. Lottie
    Paris Hilton

    Glamour Model

    So is she just complaining that folk can see bap and beaver shots without having to pay?

  12. Jonathan White
    Thumb Down

    re: Jon Brindley

    No, but given her history and craving for self-publicity there are probably plenty of other pics of her on the interweb she wouldn't show to her granny.

    In fact, even though I do actually agree with her that this is an invasion of privacy, isn't it a bit rich for someone who essentially takes her clothes off for a living to complain that having similar pictures nabbed off her phone caused her such distress?


  13. Simon

    This is sometimes funny but often scars you for life...

    Having worked in a retail PC shop (not Pissy World but an independant one thank goodness!!) shop having seen what people leave on their hard drives when they bring them in for repair, upgrade or, quite often, for a "spring clean" this is no suprise but it does kind of say "how stupid are you??"

    Now and again, pics/videos we amusing, sometimes private but these ones were often nasty and I wish I hadnt seen them, but its like watching a train smash, you cant turn away... I cant unsee that stuff <shudder>

    Hehehe also reminds me of a woman bringing in the pc her and her hubby uses because it was slow. We cleaned it up and got rid of all 14,000 odd peices of malware, trackers etc. When she asked me what was wrong and I had to, legally, tell her that they had gotten on there from "unscrupulous websites of an adult nature" her face turned to thunder... none for the husband for a while. I didnt tell her that it involved donkeys though, thankfully she didnt ask specific enough questions!

    Glasses cos I wish I had some auto-censoring ones sometimes.... <shudder again>

  14. Johnny FireBlade
    Paris Hilton

    So she didn't think to delete them first, then?

    She's obviously not employed for her brains.

    Paris for reasons so obvious, they'd only evade her (and Danielle Lloyd).

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "The download of customer content is entirely unacceptable "

    quite right. Although leaving nudey shots of yourself on your phone, even if you aren't someone in the public eye, has to be considered, at the very least, fucking stupid.

  16. Graham Marsden
    Paris Hilton


    Ok, the CW staff member shouldn't have been snooping around, but, frankly, this is as dumb as Gary Glitter leaving kiddie porn on his computer when he took it into PC World!

  17. Anonymous Coward

    No pictures

    Shurely shome mishtake!

  18. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    I learned the hard way...

    ...that keeping 'intimate' photos on a phone is a bad idea. Whilst trying out a workmates phone for size I ventured into the 'work' folder, but twas not work in there!

    I've never looked at a santa hat the same way.

  19. The Fuzzy Wotnot

    @Code Monkey


    "Mental distress"! Sorry, but don't you get your norks out in public, for money anyway? Your agent is simply miffed you are not getting any money of this job!

  20. Bassey

    Where was the mental distress?

    If she's a glamour model, presumably such pics are already plastered all over the web so where is the mental stress. Infringement of her own image rights I could understand, given that they were clearly personal pics and not intended for publiction but for a glamour model to cry about someone threatening to publish pictures that show her in a state of undress? It's like a computer programmer complaining that someone tried to publish photos of him sitting at a desk surrounded by coke bottles and pizza boxes.

  21. Chris Matchett
    Thumb Up

    @John Stirling

    Plucky FTW. Your funny comment is funny.

  22. lansalot

    @John Stirling

    Actually, you might be a good person to ask - do you have any idea where I can get tickets for JD's funeral ? I've tried ebay and ticketmaster, but no joy.... thanks.

  23. Chris Simmons


    What expectation of privacy can you have if you have posed for Playboy?

    Mines the one with a rabbit's foot in the back pocket.

  24. Anonymous Coward


    She can only be moaning about not getting paid. There are pictures of the footballers kleenex (most have had a squirt) all over the web, can't find those donkey ones though.

  25. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Actually ...

    all that was said about the photos was: "The pictures were 'very private'"

    So they may not have involved any minge at all. Perhaps they were of her putting dog shit through an Asian's letter box or happy slapping a sikh

  26. Dazed and Confused

    @Mad Mike & Others

    > It's a bit like leaving dodgy photos on your PC when going in for a repair.

    OK, how is the average "Joe Public" going to remove the dodgy pictures from their PC when Windows has gone tits up again?

    The average Reg Reader will probably have rescue disks/spare PCs/USB caddies & a selection of Linux Live DVDs and USB Keys and all the other crap that are needed to avoid these snaffus but when the PC is f:censored:d most people don't have a clue about how to access their hard drive.

  27. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @Jonathan White

    "In fact, even though I do actually agree with her that this is an invasion of privacy, isn't it a bit rich for someone who essentially takes her clothes off for a living to complain that having similar pictures nabbed off her phone caused her such distress?"

    So it would be OK to steal from shops (they were selling it anyway so what's wrong with taking it for free) or raping prostitutes?

    Yes she may have made her name by getting the puppies out but (1) she got paid [well] for that (2) any new candid shots will have an impact on any future brand marketing and (3) with the modelling jobs she had at least a degree of control over what could / would be made public.

  28. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Carphone whorehouse - par for the course

    Given their general level of customer support across the company, as others have suggested one might suspect that she deliberately left pics there for the ensuing media coverage.

    Funnily enough I had someone from their ISP on the phone yesterday trying _desperately_ to sell me an extra 18 month lockin on my broadband. Every time I said no the offer got sweetened, but it's still not enough to make up for offensive customer support staff.

  29. James Hughes

    Can't beleive these comments

    So, do you people actually think its OK for CPW employees to steal pictures from a phone and try to sell them, because they shouldn't have been there in the first place (or whatever other spurious reason you give)?

    Bollocks. If they had been pictures of your children in the bath, were taken by a employee of CPW, sold on, and they ended up on a paedo website, I'm sure you would be outraged. It's exactly the same issue. Someone took those pictures without permission and CPW and the person involved should be brought to task for it.

  30. Anonymous Coward
    IT Angle

    Par for the course

    I've got mates who work in phone shops (including the Whorehouse), and they describe the finding of such pics as 'perks of the job'.

    So it's not just celeb pics they're downloading, and bit of skirt who looks anyway half decent has probably got some topless shots on there. As soon as they take the phone into the back of the shop they're all at it like schoolboys.

  31. Bob. Hitchen

    Re:This is sometimes funny but often scars you for life...

    You mean he'd been illegally downloading "Donkey Kong".

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