back to article Dell retreat from Limerick will leave 9,500 casualties

Dell's axing of 2,510 jobs at its Limerick plant will cost the region 9,500 jobs and suck €117m out of the local economy, a secret Irish government report admits. The report, which was prepared for the government last December but which has just emerged in the Irish press, details just how devastating the effective closure of …


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  1. Yorkshirepudding

    gutted for them

    im genuinely sorry that its come to this as i have had a lot of dell equipment in recently from ireland its its all been put together really well. ill raise a pint of the black stuff friday

  2. John Owens

    I wonder if you will see a whole load of Irish moving to Poland now.

    That would be funny.

    On a more serious note, its typical of a government to start cracking down on Obscenity to get the people/papers to focus on something else.

    During the war in Iraq, bush used stem-cell research, religion, obscenity and everything else he could.

  3. Anonymous Coward
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    My experience with Dell

    I'm in sales and I work from my home.

    I've had a Dell Precision laptop for quite a while and I was happy with it. Had some problems with the graphic card almost a year ago and it was replaced the next day.

    3 weeks ago I had a similar problem but so far the PC hasn't been repaired. I've contacted support, they told me they would send someone over the next day, only to get the appointed cancelled. 3 weeks later I still don't know if they will repair it, when they're planning on repairing it. I've phoned support, I've e-mailed them what takes them so long to reply to such a simple request. Short of an automated responce, they haven't even replied.

    I ordered a new laptop and this arrived earlier this week. I was able to use most of the data, but still would want the old PC repaired to retrieve the latest data and the entitlements on very expensive software that are still on this computer.

    I have been without a computer for 2 weeks. I need this PC for my work, I have had to cancel training sessions, demonstrations and presentations.

    Not a peep from Dell.


    Not bad enough!

  4. Christopher Rogers
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    This is a bit of a sickener for the RoI. Dell did well out of a great workforce and frankly I'll be surprised if the operation rus quite as well from Poland as it did down there.

  5. David Neil

    And yet...

    I've seen a load of kit arrive faulty recently as well. Swings& roundabouts.

    Ireland made a lot of hay while they were the cheapest manufactiring site in the EU, now they are being undercut they get to taste the same medicine we had in the 90's.

    Lifes a bitch innit

  6. Joe K

    "The Irish government will also feel the pain, kissing goodbye to around €173m in tax"

    173 million?! Maybe if the Irish gov hadn't been so feckin greedy here, they wouldn't feel the need to piss of to Poland.

  7. Anonymous Coward

    Dell in Limerick

    There was a small company called Dell

    Whose support line was the next thing to hell

    Their factory in Limerick

    Was really only a gimmick

    Now factories in Poland seem swell.

  8. Martin Silver badge

    @And yet...

    >Ireland made a lot of hay while they were the cheapest manufactiring site in the EU

    They were also a nice little tax haven. Eire has the lowest corporation tax in europe. Dell somehow managed to make a loss on every machine they sold in Germany while paying tax on them in Eire - they got a little telling off for this recently.

    It's a shame for the friendly and helpful people in Dell's Irish SME office - but if your country is competing in the high tech manufacturing by simply being the cheapest workforce you had this coming.

  9. Colin Jepson
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    Service, what Service

    Dell are killing themselves quite nicely by themselves so unfortunately the jobs would have gone soon anyway.

    I used to always buy from them for clients but the service is now so bad that never again. My final purchase was for a laptop for myself with English operating system and keyboard to be delivered to Spain.

    They were quite happy to deliver to Spain (still in EU) at vast extra cost and a really long delivery time due to their screw up with the address but not willing to make a phone call from their useless Indian call center when the problem could not be fixed with their standard email responses because I was not in the UK or Ireland. Go figure. I was left totally on my own.

    For a company built on a good service reputation that sort of thing is not on.

    I am sure I am not alone in this experience. Spread the word.

  10. Oisin McGuigan

    We should have been ready for this

    Seriously, the Govt program for prosperity and fairness in Ireland was to spread the wealth and investment across the nation instead of pooling it in Dublin. For one company to pull out and the whole city to be that dependent on it is not in line with the original Mission statement of the PP&F. Cork are next I bet you!!! If Pfizer or EMC pull out then the knock on effect would be bad but poor limerick, seriously!!!! All they get is rain there and its just started to pour....Shame on you Irish Govt!!!

  11. Anonymous Coward

    Dude -- You Expected Service?

    This is a flame......

    I am a native of Dell's home state. Dell has never had good service. Gateway had better service.

    Michael Dell was too lazy to finish college and got his family to finance a PC business for him. Forget they myths that try to compare him with Hewlett and Packard. Dell is a sham.

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