back to article Medion tower makes supermarket debut

Just shy of £500 is rather a lot to spend on the weekly shop, but get yourself down to budget supermarket Aldi this week and the sum will get you a whopper of a Medion PC. Medion_P4340D Medion's Akoya P4340 D: coming to an Aldi near you The Akoya P4340 D tower PC is based on a 2.8GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor supported by …


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  1. RobMc
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    What's this an advertisement? Medion have always sold their PC's through Aldi... along with Laptops and Screens....

  2. Adam
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    News or advertising?

    How much did Aldi pay for this article?

  3. Rich
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    i feel abused.

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