back to article Ex-EA man schools iPhone game makers

With an average of 165 apps released for the iPhone each day, it seems like everyone and their Aunt Mable has suddenly become a mobile developer - and all for a platform less than a year old. Apple created an exceedingly easy path for independent game makers to enter the ecosystem with its iTunes App Store. But for developers …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    ""Don't let the haters tell you it sucks compared to the DS or PSP,""

    Thing is, it does. 99% of the games are forgettable (the only good game imo being tap tap ), and the MAIN issue is that its touch screen, but you have to use your finger, thus blokcing the view of what your trying to touch,its not accurate like a stylus touchscreen (aka the ds), all the controls have to be done via it or the slightly dodgy accelerometer (unlike the ds and psp, which actually have controls)

    All in all it makes for a gimmick machine

    And before the flames i have a ds, psp and a iphone, i prefer games on the games consoles, the iphone ones lose interest, except tap tap and sol free, which i occasionly play.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Neil Young

    ""Don't let the haters tell you it sucks compared to the DS or PSP," he said. Young believes the iPhone is more than a match for the game-specific competition because "it's connected, always on, and always with you.""

    Was he watching the Gadget Show yesterday - they agreed, the iPhone was rated as better than the DS and PSP. Not that I know how good the technical credentials are of the producers of that show...

  3. Andy ORourke

    The App Store

    I have downloaded quite a few apps from there, free and paid for, the good thing is that most (if not all) have "lite" versions you can try before spending your £0.59 (the most I ever paid was £3.99)

    Look, there is a lot of good stuff for very little money. There is also a lot of complete dross on there that shouldn't have seen the light of day!

    It is also frequented by a lot of "freetards" who download a free app (or most likley "lite" version) and then dont like it and slag it off : "this lite version of whatever doesnt have enough features / levels etc". Even if you download a 59 pence app and it is shite it is only 59 pence FFS

    One other thing, as a long time windows user (iPhone is my first apple device) I got sick and tired of people telling me I shouldnt have to reboot everytime an update comes along or a new application is installed (Linux / OSX doesnt do that) well let me tell you, the last 5 or 6 apps I have downloaded have installed nicely, started OK then crashed my phone requiring a restart. Why not just do a restart after install and bite the bullet, that will maybe do away with lots of negative reviews along the lines of "this app crashed my iPhone so I just un-installed it"

    There are a fair few things wrong with the iPhone as is, features that many people say are essential to them. Many people dislike Apple's strong (strangle) hold on it's market place (my phone's unlocked & jailbroken but the majority of apps are from the app store) For me, this phone is the best I ever had, no going back for me :-)

  4. David Webb

    @AC - Gadget Show

    The "reviewer" is a rabid apple-fanboi. He will refuse to use a PC if anything apple badged is available, you may as well have had Steve Jobs doing the review, I knew the apple would win as soon as he started the review (5 stars for a non-gaming system, 3 for the PSP?).

    He "forgot" to mention that the PSP has DLC and can easily play PS1 games giving a library of, well, lots of games, as well as the ability to hook into a PS3 (you can download games on the PS3 and transfer them to the PSP).

    I own a PSP1000 (got mine from HK before it was out in the UK cheaper than the cost of the new - inferior screen - model that was released here) and have CFW (custom firmware) letting me rip my old PS1 games into ISO's and stick them onto my memory stick and play them on the PSP. Does the apple crap have the ability to play FF7 or Suikoden? Hell no!

    He banged on about the apple being able to have 32GB! No shit? So does the PSP and the DS.

    I also own a DS (love it) with an Acekard which lets me back up my carts and stick them all onto one memory card, so it also has 32GB+ (actually its SDHC or whatever it is, so its the maximum that will allow).

    The DS and the PSP are two seperate, distinct consoles which appeal to two different types of gamers. Both are fantastic systems *at what they do*. Any short comings from the DS are filled in by the PSP, and the PSP's shortfallings are covered by the DS.

    All in all, the apple stuff is for short games for people with short attention spans, the sort of games you download for a couple of quid, play for a couple of hours then throw away, the DS/PSP are for people who love games and want to play them on a system that caters for gamers.

    Needless to say, I turned the gadget show over and will never watch that pile of crap again.

    Also, El Reg compared the apple/PSP/DS on this site not long ago, the apple lost by a large margin, and we trust El Reg!

  5. Lionel Baden

    Gadget show

    Watch it every now and then and pick up the odd tidbit of info for a gadget

    But the reviews and challenges are just bullshit

    really starting to go off the gadget show

    Especially since this new series PC world are sponsering it !

    at least when cpc were sponsering they actually had something to do with gadgets !

    Hangon .....

    PC World / Gadget show

    NM they are made for each other !!

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