back to article Adamo battery not hot-swappable

Dell’s recently unveiled Adamo laptop emulates Apple’s MacBook Air in more than just looks. It’s been revealed that the PC giant's latest laptop doesn’t feature a user-removable battery either. Adamo_04 Dell's Adamo: users, you can't change the batter This means that, should buyers have a fault with their Adamo battery, …


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  1. Adam

    Non user replacable consumable?

    If the user can no longer replace the battery then surely this should be covered by the warranty on the machine and not just the 6-12 month battery warranty that OEMs give you as a token gesture.

    Can the battery still be classed as a consumable?

    Does an extended warranty now cover the battery as well?

  2. Dru Richman
    IT Angle

    MacBoon AIr Battery

    How hard could it be to swap a MacBook Air battery? I dunno. Let's see - 10 small screws to open the back cover; and 9 small screws to remove the battery from the chassis. Boy, that sounds difficult! <sarcasm>

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    One way round this battery problem and its a good one DO NOT BUY THE LAPTOP IN THE FIRST PLACE.

  4. Big Bear

    You'da thunk...

    That Dell might have learnt something from the reaction to the battery lock-in on the Macs with them and figure out that this might not be a "good thing"... especially as Dell don't have the religious cult behind the Second Coming of Jobs...

  5. Christian Ørsted

    Ever heard of Dell next business day onsite repair?

    Having recently changed my Dell XPS with a macbook the only thing I am missing is exactly this: The much better, faster and cheaper support that Dell offers. No need to find a store: Whenever I have had a problem with my Dell laptops, they have been repaired onsite and that is included in the standard 3-year next business day service option. I wish Apple had something similar.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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